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Cut Seven: A Sports Conditioning Experience Taking Over D.C.

The weather is changing, cherries have blossomed, and Spring is officially here.  That means Summer is close by and it’s time to take fitness resolution you made in the beginning of the year seriously. Well good thing recently opened boutique gym Cut Seven is here!  It’ll put you back on track, destroy those goals and have you beach ready for the summer.  

Cut Seven was created by the dynamic duo Alex and Chris Perrin.  It operates on a 7 day schedule that targets different muscle groups each day of the week (Legs/Arms, Back/Abs, Chest/Heart, Hammys/Glutes, Heart/Abs, Heart).  

The classes are highly energetic and based on achieving fitness through teamwork; this principle is embodied through Chris and Alex instruction.  Participation their hour long class was fun and it beat my ass at the same time.  I  highly recommend it to get your butt in shape and it’ll have you cheering on a fellow fitness buddy. There are various membership packages and specials that are tailored to the individual (

Excerpt of the Interview with Co-Owner/Trainer Chris Perrin

Tosin: Tell me a little bit about Alex and Chris Perrin

Chris:   I met Alex in a gym. Our start was her journey through weight loss and fitness. I was her trainer.

After that, she was like, ‘Why don’t you develop this into a class?’ She helped me to build my business. After that, romance started. We were like, ‘Hey, let’s turn this into a real business.’ After we got married, that’s when we started.

We’ve been on this path to opening up our own space for about 5 years now. It’s been 5 years of research, but she really was the catalyst to me transitioning from personal training, which is something I have done for years.

… I would’ve probably just done the personal training and accounting for the rest of my life because I love doing both. I wouldn’t have thought of creating my own business, a brick-and-mortar space. I think her strengths and my strengths complement each other really well.

Tosin: Describe Cut Seven in 3 words.

Chris: Team, athleticism, and experience. I think that’s the basis behind what we’re trying to achieve here. Create that community. Create that team, so people are showing up and people are having fun.

Tosin: What does the term “Cut Seven” mean?

Chris: The expression ‘cut,’ to get cut, to rip up. The idea is, where each day, we’re going to work on a different body part. 7 days a week, 7 different muscle groups. One day you’ll come in, and we’ll have back day. One day you’ll come in, you’ll have chest day, legs day, ass day, things like that.

We’ll always have that cardio foundation, where we’ll be doing sports conditioning, like you did sprints and stuff today. We’ll always have that and those athletic movements, the single-leg hops, things like that, to keep you on your toes, but we will be concentrating, as far as muscle development, on one body part. We’ll have a primary body part each day, with a secondary that same day. It won’t be just back. It’ll be back and abs or chest and legs, something like that.

Tosin: Very nice, very nice. I heard that you’re going to have, I guess, a front-end bar, right?

Chris: It’s not like a bar where you’re going to have drinks. It’s just going to be a place for people to chill. Think of when you walk into the Apple Store and there’s no checkout. It’s kind of like that atmosphere where we just want people to feel comfortable walking in and just hanging out.

…We know that there are a lot of people who love fitness and love health and are looking for a community and somewhere that they can just be themselves, let their hair down, and hang out.

Tosin: What’s your goal for 2018?

Chris: We want to be the best gym and best fitness studio in DC. If that’s not where we’re aiming at, then what are you going to achieve if you don’t aim for the sky?

We love the concept that we’ve created, and we think that it’s going to catch on. We know that it’s going to catch on because we’ve been doing it. We absolutely can see this in other cities, but our focus right now is 100% DC and bringing this to our community. In the future, for sure.”

Tosin: Thanks for this interview, good conversation.

Chris: Come back anytime.

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4 DC Running Groups To Check Out

The time to flex what’s under that bulky winter sweater is right around the corner. What better way to start training for that summer body than by running?! Although running is the least favorite cardio exercise for many, the health benefits are AMAZING! Adding consistent runs to your fitness routine is easy if you join a running club; fortunately DC is home to some great ones. Below are some of my favorites. Check them out and be sure to let me know what group you ended up joining!


District Running Collective –

I have personally ran with DRC for years now despite my extremely busy schedule; it’s a very motivating group!

Founded by a group of DC, North Carolina A&T alumni, District Running Collective showcases diversity in the running world. DRC is a multi level running group, making it a great organization for those trying to find their stride and pace in the pack. Membership is not a requirement, but it is encouraged (check the website for more details). This group meets every Wednesday at the Colony Club on Georgia Ave at 6:30pm (unless otherwise noted), and Saturdays for long runs (various locations).


DC Road Runners –

Catering to multi levels, the benefits of running with this group sound amazing! Membership is $20 for students, $25 individuals, or 35$ for families gives access to:

  1. Weekly trainings.
  2.  Free 10m, half-marathon and marathon training programs.
  3. 19 free races each year.
  4.  Monthly social events.
  5. Discounts for many stores and online shopping.
  6. Access to EAC sponsored teams seminar.

If you’re not sure of investing your money or time in this group, they have trial offers runners can do before joining.

DC Road Runners has runs all over the city so check their website and possibly their newsletter for locations.


DC Front Runners –

Founded in 1981, DC Front Runners caters to the LGBTQ community with running, walking, and social events. They are diverse with respect to speed, distance, and intensity, and they encourage all that participate making this an awesome running group to join.  Membership is open to all and  encouraged, but you can always test out the group before committing. They meet at 23rd and P street NW. Check the website for dates and times of runs.


DC Pacers –

DC Pacers has free community runs in DC (14th Street, Navy Yard) and Virginia (Alexandria, Arlington, and Fairfax) almost everyday of the week at their stores. Offering day and night, short and long runs makes this group accessible to individuals with busy schedules. They even do fun runs (14th Street does a Shake Shack Run) for people who don’t take their runs too seriously. Be sure to check their website for exact locations.  

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5 Fitness Habits for Poppin’ Abs!


Fitness Model and Personal Trainer Regina Perez

By Fitness Contributor Regina Perez


People make the common mistake of doing hundreds of crunches and sit-ups thinking that their abswill appear. In reality you have to decrease your body fat percentage to get those abs to show. The most effective exercise are; interval training, adding weight resistance to the workouts and eating healthy. Everyone wants rock hard abs but do you want to put in the work to achieve those results? If so I am going to tell how you can do it in a matter of time.

Pages: 1 2 3 4 5 6

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5 Fitness Dates

Boxing Urban Boxing DC is high intensity fitness that features different levels of exercises and styles.  The facility features boxing, Jiu-Jitsu, self-defense, Thai Boxing, wrestling, or high intensity cardio. Urban boxing will definitely get your blood and sweat flowing.

You can partner up with your date to use one boxing bag but watch out for her right hook! If that wasn’t enough to convince you, your first class is free!

Water Activities Kayaking ($22/hr avg)

It’s a nice day, the sun is shining, DC humidity is low, and the air is crisp. It’s the perfect  time for water activities like kayaking or paddle boating in the DMV. Locations vary from the Key Bridge, Thomas Jefferson Memorial, National Harbor, etc. Bring lunch, snacks, and drinks, and prepare to enjoy a nice time on the water, or dock on one of the islands.

Sport Rock Climbing Center (Day Rental $18 each)

Rock Climbing is a great fitness activity that is both competitive and fun. It uses various muscle groups for a great all-around workout. Tighten your safety harness and see who can be on top first. Be sure to check out Sport Rock in Alexandria!


Nike Run Club (@nikerunning)

District Running Collective (@DistrictRunningCollective)

Nike Run Club and District Running Collective both offer a social means to run with others of your fitness level. This includes long distance running and running at various paces. Which one of you will run the faster pace on your date? Loser buys the drinks!


Bike and Roll (Cost varies)

Capital Bikeshare ($2 single trip)

Strap on your helmet and bike around the city with your date. This activity elevates your heart rate while embracing the scenic view of DC’s beautiful architecture and monuments.  Conveniently rent a bike from one of many Capital Bikeshare locations.  Bike and Roll DC offers various types of bikes to match your style. A tandem 2 seater bike can be rented for a romantic riding session to really see how in sync you both are.

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Body Like Teyana

Camera’s rolling, lights on, cue music; you begin to hear Kanye West Fade playing through the speakers; suddenly, we’re graced with the magnificent body of Ms. Teyana Taylor.

Although T has been known for her curvaceous body since the beginning, it has now been taken up a notch or ten. Possibly because just 9 months ago, she gave birth to her first born daughter, Baby Iman Shumpert, and not an ounce of evidence is present on her washboard stomach.

The aftermath of her phenomenal performance in Fade, resulted in a rise in gym memberships for both men and women.

The question on everyone’s mind is, how do I get a body like Teyana?! Well, according to Teyana, she has great genetics seeing that she eats whatever she wants. “I was 6 years old with a six pack”, says Teyana. She’s also a fan of the elliptical, since it provides continuous resistance to shape her legs and glutes. She also does a lot of leg lifts to shape her abs. Squats are key to shaping her legs, thighs, and abs since it’s a compound exercise. Teyana also believes in alternative forms of exercise apart from the typical working out with a trainer. She dances a great deal as a form of expression and complete body conditioning. Her most important advice is to not starve yourself, and listen to your body during your workouts.

Teyana Taylor’s stats

Height – 5 ft 4 ¼ in

Weight – 115 pounds

Measurements – 38-22-37 in

Bra Size – 34D

Body – like a goddess

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Spice Up Your Fitness Drink (Your Muscles Will Thank You)

From weekend warriors to superstar Olympic athletes, one thing they have in common is their hate for muscle cramps; a Charley Horse if you will. It can make a 300 pound football player cry out of his sleep, or stop a triathlete from reaching the end of the race (2004 Olympics).

There are many snake oil treatments, methods, rituals, and the like to battle this scourge of the fitness world. These include drinking more water, electrolytes, eating a banana, and stretching the muscle like your life depended on it.  

Possible causes:

  • Poor blood circulation in the legs
  • Overexertion of the calf muscles while exercising
  • Insufficient stretching before exercise
  • Exercising in the heat
  • Muscle fatigue
  • Dehydration
  • Magnesium and/or potassium deficiency
  • Calcium deficiency in pregnant women
  • Malfunctioning nerves.

Initially thought to be a muscular dysfunction, has recently been found to be caused from a misfiring of nerves. Nerve cells that extend from the spinal cord become hyper excitable and go haywire, then an excruciating muscle cramp forms. It has also been found that some people are predisposed to cramp easily whether they exercise lightly or intensely. Muscle cramps play a huge role in the quick abandonment many fitness journey’s; some quit within a few weeks of starting. Without warning it can hit you like a ton of bricks.

Research done within the last couple of years has provided an effective solution: Cayenne Pepper or other hot spices.  Taken prior to, during, or immediately after exercising, your chances of obtaining an intense muscle cramp is reduced by 3x.  A new company is marketing a product called HOTSHOT to improve neuromuscular performance and prevent muscle cramps at its root.  You can try your own homemade concoction, i.e cayenne, water, honey, etc. The research surrounding this topic is ongoing. As always please consult with your Doctor prior to trying new supplements.

Nothing should stop you from achieving your health and fitness goals!

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Pole Fitness: The Workout Trend That Every Woman Should Try

We’ve all seen her In the club, on Instagram, Snapchat, and at your local fitness studio. She pulls herself up to the top, then slides down into a perfect split right before extending herself into a flawless brass monkey; leaving you to wonder, “How the hell does she do that without breaking her neck?!”. In fact, if we take a moment to be honest with ourselves, we all have thought about being her: seductive, confident, and if the right song plays, slightly ratchet.

So when the opportunity presented itself at my sorority sister’s bachelorette weekend, I couldn’t resist the chance to see just how flexible and talented I could be on a pole. As the instructor, a cute average height bombshell, began class with a simple warm up to familiarize us with the pole, what many of us overzealous first timers missed as we smiled and giggled at the thought of shaking our booty around the pole was the part where she gently explained how pole dancing is not just about being sexy (although that does come into play) but in fact is also a stimulating work out for the mind, body and soul. Nevertheless by the end of the class through the cheers, laughs, risqué routines and aching calf muscles, we realized pole dancing is just that: a sexy little pastime and so much more.

Physically, pole dancing provides a full body workout by mixing pilates, yoga, and weight training techniques that simultaneously burn calories and tone your muscles. As an intensive upper body sport, many of the exercises require you to support your entire body weight by using your arms and stomach muscles, providing the same results as weight lifting or crunches. In some instance, the more complex routines can tone your glutes, inner thighs, and calf muscles as you climb up the pole and switch positions. Not only will you see yourself becoming more toned, but you can also burn anywhere from 200-300 calories per session due to the upbeat dance moves incorporated into the routines. Pole dancing is a great way to enhance your mobility and flexibility. As you experiment with new moves, you increase your coordination, balance, and limberness; preventing muscle soreness and stiffness,  and improving your kinesthetic awareness.

Mentally, pole dancing is a great and fun way to relieve stress. As the day to day demands including work obligations and relationships take a toll on our mental state, it causes adrenaline to build up making us more anxious and easily annoyed. An intense pole dancing session provides an opportunity to release some adrenaline causing the body to produce endorphins. Theses hormones are associated with the feelings of euphoria that will ultimately leave you happier and more relax.

Emotionally, pole dancing is a big confidence booster and a great way to network and make new friends. In a culture where women are told that they must look like an Instagram model to be considered beautiful, or that a size 8 is the perfect criteria for a plus size model and anything beyond that is unruly; a place that allows you to flaunt your body in a safe, supportive, and enjoyable environment is rare. With the attire being less clothes and more skin, you begin to feel empowered, sensual, and seductive as you learn to embrace the way your body naturally bends and hips rotate with every spin, dip, and lean.

Instructor Sasha Rocket of GirlFit Workout Studio, believes the feeling of sexiness is just a bonus. The true testimony of confidence is birthed from the support you receive by other women in the class when you build up enough courage to try a new move or create your own routine to share. It’s in that moment that you can see the true essence of sisterhood unfolding, and a woman coming into her own; whatever her own is.

Despite the three days it took to recover from a failed attempt at a backwards showgirl (trust me, it is as complicated as it sounds), looking back, the experience itself provided a fun, unique, and exhilarating workout that brought my sorority sisters and I closer, while reminding us the importance of loving ourselves inside and out. As a result, pole dancing has become an intricate part of my workout plan and is a great conversation starter when I’m encouraging other women to give it a try. Besides, what other place in the world can you unapologetically dance around in 6 inch heels, with barely anything on, and not have someone throw money at you or be subjected to harassment from a guy wondering if you can have friends? Not that many. Let loose and enjoy yourself Happy dancing!

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Get In “Formation” At District Groove

Earlier this year, Queen Bey graced the DMV area with her presence in an epic fashion! Many who witnessed Beyonce’s performance were ready to fall in love, twerk something, and be a boss all within attending the 2 hour concert experience. Now, a local dance studio is giving you a chance to get your butt in “
formation” while listening to Formation.  

Dance, twerk, sweat, and feel empowered while toning and becoming a better you at District Groove! According to District Groove’s website, Beyonce Dance Course classes give dancers the opportunity to learn simplified versions of choreography from popular Beyonce music videos and performances.

“The Beyoncé dance class I took was full of energy, laughs, and super easy and fun moves anybody and their cousin too can do!” – Mercy Chikowore

District Groove combines Beyonce style choreography with a high intensity workout at 5454 Wisconsin Ave Chevy Chase, MD 20815.  

Classes (co-ed) are $35; be sure to check the site for more details!

Check out the preview video here!


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Yoga Good For Your Summer Body

Written By Tyra Wilkes

For those of us that hate the hustle and bustle of the gym, thankfully, there are more tranquil athletic alternatives. Aside from being able to be barefoot, yoga allows you to exercise both your mind and body.

Studies have shown that just like traditional cardio, getting in a namaste or two weekly can improve the body’s muscle strength and tone, while building up your body’s resistance against high blood pressure, high blood sugar, and excess body fat.

Yoga has also been proven to balance stress levels, and cause overall improvement in your sleeping habits, flexibility, body alignment, and your sex life.

Here are a few free, yes free, yoga classes in the area. Take advantage!

Yoga in the Park complimentary yoga classes take place weekly in Farragut Park.

Tuesdays: Yoga in Farragut Park

Wednesdays: Barre at the Plaza at 2100 M Street

Thursdays: Yogalates in Farragut Park

Yoga in the Park complimentary yoga classes every Sunday in Meridian Hill Park.

June 5 June 12 June 19 June 26

July 3 July 10 July 17 July 24 July 31

August 7 August 14 August 21 August 28

CorePower Yoga with four locations across the district, CorePower Yoga offers a week of complimentary classes when you register online!

See you on the mat!

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Outdoor Workouts to Try

Young people running in the park

Young people running in the park

Written By Tyra Wilkes

The Spring season is finally upon us! All winter we’ve been cooped up inside the gym and pilates studio, but at last the weather is allowing us an athletic alternative.

  1. Outdoor Running Clubs Like most things, it’s easier to get fit when you have a team behind you to push you and keep you motivated. The District is filled with running clubs for those of us that prefer company with our workouts.
  1. Hiking To my surprise, there’s more than a few local spots for hiking. Take advantage of the hidden gems in the area and do some exploring while you sweat.
  1. Outdoor Yoga Yes, it exist. Brought to you by TriFit, yoga and pilates in Farragut Park all summer 16’. Catch them on Tuesdays and Thursdays starting May 17th.

May 17th – September 29th

5:30 – 6:30 p.m.

Tuesdays: Yoga, Farragut Park

Wednesdays: Barre, Plaza at 2100 M St.

Thursdays: Yogalates, Farragut Park


May 17th: Yoga with Robert Sherman at Farragut Park

May 18th: Barre with Amanda Strand of Freedom Barre at 2100 M St. Plaza

  1. Pilates on the Patio Every Saturday and Sunday at 9am, join Chauna Bryant for outdoor pilates, followed by a complimentary glass of wine. If the complimentary wine didn’t convince you, I’m not sure what will.

Roofers Union

2446 18th Street NW

Washington, DC 20009

Saturdays in June

@ 10 am | $24

The Swift Apartments

3828 Georgia Ave NW

Washington, DC 20011

Sundays in June

@ 10 am | $24

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