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Event Recap: Servpal Launch Party

Ever wish you could quickly book your appointment with your barber in advance? Or maybe you have event to attend and would love the celebrity treatment? A full face beat and and stylist to boot? Looking for a place that has all the services you need for your special day? Well, look no further, the solution is here: Servpal. 

Servpal allows clients to easily book and pay for appointments with their favorite personal image and beauty professionals. We currently promote: hair stylists, barbers, makeup artists, personal trainers, tattoo artists, photographers, wedding planners, manicurists, and other beauty professionals. As convenient as one click from the site, booking and paying for you appointments have never been easier.

The launch event was held at The Living Room and hosted by Danni Star. Decked out with vendors, models and even a crowd-favorite photo booth, guest mixed and mingled with personal image professionals around the city. There was a live performance by Melina Canpoverde, DJ Cyd had the crowd grooving, and the fashion show, curated by Harley Morgan of the ROE Agency and designs by King O, had everyone contemplating their next haute couture moment. 

Servpal Founder: Andy Nevers

I spoke with the founder of Servpal, Andy Nevers about the launch and his vision. He mentioned that not only is this an amazing service for customers and service professionals alike, it also is a community based initiative. The launch party held this truth, as it was a great time of networking and engaging with both new and old friends.

So whether you’re a client or a profession, head to, sign up, and take control of all your personal image needs with Servpal.

(Photos courtesy of Clyde Jones:

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Ladies in The Industry Networking Conference

No two women are created alike, and it’s our differences that will allow us to create our version of success in our lives. That was my major take-away after attending the Ladies in the Industry Networking Conference curated by Serene MGMT ( and held at the Sheraton in Silver Spring.

Hosted and moderated by Deja Perez of 93.9 WKYS (, the networking conference centered around women in the media, whether it be music, radio, television or any other type of media outlet and how to navigate these mostly male-dominated industries. Not only were we treated to 3 dynamic panels with renowned guest speakers, we also were given the VIP treatment including access to vendors, a delicious lunch and swag bags. 

On the Sexism and Power panel we had PR powerhouse Candice Nicole (, Ashleigh Demi of TV ONE and WPGC 95.5 (, and Raro Lae, and owner of the international media outlet “Raro Lae” ( Not everyone compromises themselves to get to the top, and these women are proof!

The Relationship Panel dropped several jewels on how to maintain a satisfying and lasting relationship while developing and sustaining an unconventional career in media. Raven Paris of DTLR Radio and Love The Culture Radio (, DJ and radio personality for Lit Radio DJ Mim ( and Lush of Lush Radio ( provided valuable advice and lively and hilarious discussion. 

Something that we often overlook is how motherhood can affect the way one is able to thrive in the media industry. The Motherhood in Media panel provided numerous real-life stories that any working mother could relate to whether it was tips on work-life balance, how and when to expose our kids to our careers and how to do it all with grace and style. News coordinator for Fox 5 Michelline Bowman (, CEO of FSCo Agency Farrah Shanel (, Kierra of and DTLR Radio(, and WHIM Radio Personality, Blogger and Momager Lady J ( all shared their experiences in a relatable, genuine and motivational way.

Thank you Nia and Megan of Serene Management and Ladies in the Industry for the invitation. I could tell that I wasn’t the only one that left with more information than I walked in with. Make sure you follow Serene MGMT on Instagram ( and Facebook ( to stay up to date with their future events. It was #LITI2017!

Photos courtesy of Ladies in the Industry (

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Do It #ForTheCulture Event Recap


“Do it for the culture (culture)/They gon’ bite like vultures (vultures)” – Migos




In the midst of Black History Month (or is it African American History Month?), the city celebrated with numerous activities and events that applauded the achievements and accomplishments of many distinguished members of the community. We are also lucky to be in an area that abounds with cultural creativity and excellence. The event #forthecuture made sure to highlight some of the DMV’s massive amount of talent.

Held at the Congress Heights Arts and Culture Center and curated by Distinctly Creative, attendees were treated to art, music, spoken word and genuine culture. Distinctly Creative is an art collective whose mission is to give a diverse, holistic, and collaborative representation of the DMV creative scene through a wide array of social and professional development opportunities. Their goal is to re-define how people think about DMV creatives while presenting their work to the community in a welcoming and fun environment. This month they presented 6 events as a part of their month-long celebration dubbed Black Renaissance.


The largely young, Afro-Bohemian crowd energetically mixed and mingled amidst a backdrop of artistic expression from artist murals, paintings, handmade jewelry, scarves and other pieces while enjoying the rhythms and sounds provided by Little Bacon Bear on the 1’s and 2’s. Hosted by Yasmine Arrington, performances included keyboardist and musician Drew Keys, poetry and spoken word by Whiskey Girl, Droopy the Broke Baller with Crochet Kingpin, with performances by Rodney Johnson me Ras Blesson. Each with their own distinctive flair, the performers delivered their messages in the crowded space with ease and excellence.

Particularly impressive were the displays of Afro-inspired artwork by some of the city’s most talented and tenacious artist. From depictions of our favorite hip-hop icons to novel portrayals of anything from black body to black love, there was a piece of art to suit any taste and aesthetic. Featured artists included Artifex Jay, Antwon Maxwell Photography, and Ebony Harris.

The vendors also added their standout pieces to the mix, while a portion of the proceeds received that night were donated to the Congress Heights Arts & Culture Center. You could find anything from handmade jewelry, intricately designed athletic wear, vintage couture, head wraps and scarves. Some of the vendors included Furthermore…, LLC, Andrew Williams, Ryann Kelly, Crochet Kingpin, Ruby Sampson, Uzo Njoku, CustomTaylorred, Yung Osiris, Dez Carter, WashingtonCuts, Tiger Swan Style, FemmeUSA, Cvlismv, Kyra the Bohemith, Sheetal D., and Kaylee P. For more information on the artists and vendors, head to Distinctly Creatives’ Instagram page (@distinctlycreative) or their website (

Make sure you follow them on all platforms so that you can stay informed on future events and continue to do it #fortheculture!


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The Love Jones Cafe: A Welcomed Departure From Typical DC Nightlife

The Love Jones Cafe returned and if you weren’t in the building, then you missed out on a special evening. Presented by DCWKLY and the DCNIGHTS App, held at the swanky SAX Lounge, the Love Jones Cafe was a sophisticated soirée and a welcome departure from the typical nightlife scene here in DC.

The night began with El Lambert and The Band crooning guest with a variety of throwback and current R&B jams while guests were also treated to complimentary DeLeón Tequila and MtnDew Black Label cocktails and excellent service and bites by the SAX crew. Elegantly lit, the vibe in the house was palpable. Once the panel discussion began, let’s just say no topic was off limits.

Moderated and hosted by “The Massive Host” King Flexxa, the panel comprised of author and activist Tony Lewis, Jr, relationship blogger Diamond Mitchell, and the Duncan’s, Alfred and Sherrell, who were famously engaged and married all within 24 hours (Forever Duncan). Their insight was particularly insightful, engaging, and at times, hilarious. From the idea that reality TV has set unrealistic expectations for relationships to the “Netflix and chill”/”Hulu and Do You” generation, each panelist was able to provide personal stories as a backdrop for each topic discussed. And just like the movie, poet and spoken word artist Mr. Poetic Rock Star treated the crowd to his brand of word play.

I even gained some valuable information on love and relationships that I hadn’t even considered before. The predominantly female crowd laughed, cheered and at times added their own input for a lively and unforgettable evening. Fellas, you need to make sure you are in the building for the next Love Jones Cafe: not only was an ample amount of knowledge dropped, you could not deny the ladies showed out and filled the room with their beauty and radiance.


I leave you with some gems from the evening. Be sure to keep a look out for the next installment of the Love Jones Cafe, February 28th. Be there.

On trust:

We should grow together, but you shouldn’t want your spouse to change your whole vibe for you –Tony Lewis, Jr.

There are certain thing you are not going to do if your intentions are pure. –Diamond Mitchell

If I tell you and you don’t do it, then we have issues.– Alfred Duncan

On Social Media:

I was in a relationship with my husband before we were in a relationship, so when he posted that picture I knew we were in a relationship.– Sherrell Duncan

It serves as validation because we are going public. — Diamond Mitchell

On moving on from past relationships:

In relationships and in life we are the sum of our experiences. You’ve got to learn from what you’ve been through.–Tony Lewis, Jr.

The hardest thing to do is self reflect and to own up to the thing that you did in the relationship.–Sherrell Duncan

Medicate each other with love.– Alfred Duncan

If you don’t feel confident in your decision making, you won’t feel confident in the one you picked.–Diamond Mitchell

On falling in love with potential:

If we are not speaking to the potential (of the other person) then we are really doing a disservice.–Tony Lewis, Jr.

Potential expires very quickly. — Diamond Mitchell

He’s pouring into me and I’m pouring into him.– Sherrell Duncan

Check out the rest of the pictures from 1.24.17 edition of The Love Jones Cafe here!

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TheLoveJonesCafe 1.24.17

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[Event Recap] The Goal Getters Brunch Powered by Women Who Hustle

Washington native Candice Nicole of Candice Nicole PR, along with registered nurse, Meisha Amia, started Women Who Hustle back in 2015 as an organization developed to emPOWER women, encourage women to keep their heads held high, inspire, and celebrate women who hustles everyday with a smile on their faces.

The savvy businesswomen started 2017 with their inaugural event: The Goal Getter Brunch. Women Who Hustle hosted approximately 40 young women from around the metropolitan area specializing in various industries at the Goal Getter’s Brunch at Cuba Libra; the culturally authentic Cuban culinary establishment in downtown D.C. The industries represented by the attendees were nursing, communications, finance, entrepreneurs, along with college students aspiring in the mentioned feilds. The afternoon began with introductions of everyone in the room, and the debut of the brand’s very own journal. The Goal Getter journal is a mixture of a traditional planner and notebook; complete with a calendar and “brand dump” for your personal thoughts, to-do lists, quarterly goals, etc. It’s made to be customizable to fit your unique needs while matching your wave pattern of productivity.

The event continued with goal sharing throughout the private room in the aesthetically cultural space, where each volunteer shared their hopes for the quarter. Before sharing began, Candice acknowledged how important it is to set goals, but also the importance of setting “reasonable, responsible resolutions” in a time frame that won’t grow to be overwhelming.

The remainder of the afternoon was posed with questions and self assessments of your current stage, and where you could be if you knew the things you know now.

To sign up for future events, check out Women Who Hustle or Chicks with Cheques for more information!




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Chopped Bartender Competition Powered by (BELVEDERE)RED

4 Mystery Ingredients, 3 Bartenders, 1 Great Cause.

What better way to kick off the holidays than a party for a cause. The Chopped Bartender Competition powered by (BELVEDERE)RED was held at the luxurious SAX Restaurant and Lounge. Organized by Candice Nicole PR, the event was filled to the brim with light bites, beautiful people, and of course cocktails provided by Belvedere.

Party goers kicked back with their drinks, enjoyed party favors, and mingled as the competition began. Finalists Frank Mills of Jack Rose, Tyler Hartman of Joe’s Seafood, and Crystal Altizer of Soundcheck not only mixed their best cocktails with the provided ingredients, but also put on quite the show. The DJ kept the energy going as the bartenders did their thing. It was super entertaining to watch these three finalists in their element; it was easy to see that they take pride in their craft.

When it was time to announce the winners, all eyes were on center stage. You could feel the anticipation in the air as everyone gathered around with their drinks and their smartphones to capture the winning moment. Frank Mills of Jack Rose was crowned the undisputed winner on the night. The panel of three judges praised the way he used the ingredients, and it was apparent he had quite a support system in the house. Apparently this isn’t the first time Frank has won a bartending competition, either. Check him out this past summer at CÎROC’s Drink Of Summer Mixology Contest.

If you are still looking for a way to give back before the year ends, gather your friends, grab a bottle of (BELVEDERE)RED, and have your own bartender battle. As members of the DC community, the battle against AIDS is one that should be close to all of our hearts. Join the likes of Bono and John Legend to lend your helping hand in a unique and fun way.

Belvedere proudly donates 50% of their profits from each bottle of (BELVEDERE)RED to the Global Fund to fight HIV/AIDS in Africa. Belvedere continues their partnership for (RED), the organization founded in 2006 by Bono and Bobby Shriver to engage people in the fight against AIDS through collaborations with the world’s most iconic brands. Visit their website for more information.

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Washington Bulleits Holiday Party 2016 with 1893 Pepsi Cola

Written By SunniAndTheCity |

This past Friday, my friend Raven and I hosted our Washington Bulleits Holiday party at Diageo House to support the YMCA! Raven and I both work with brands such as Ciroc, Bulleit and DeLeon. We’re known for throwing our fabulous monthly “Washington Bulleits Girls Nights” but this time in the spirit of the holidays, it was all about the YMCA Capital View. I’ve visited that location a few times this summer and the 150 kids that attend their after-school program became so dear to me. So it was only right that we give back to them in a big way….. TOYSSSSS!!

Huge thanks to our evening sponsor Intrepid Genius, who were so kind to donate gift bags full of their awesome goodies! Thanks Nick!!! Also, Kitchen Cray was so kind to cook A WHOLE LOT OF FOOD for us! Thanks to Chef JR, I got a week worth of leftovers. Cant forget about Justin from the YMCA, thank you for your continuous dedication to the kids.

Bulleit drinks were flowing (with the all new 1893 Pepsi Cola and Mtn Dew Black Label mixers), beautiful people, all in the spirit of the holidays! Love you all for coming!

Let’s continue to take care of our communities! Till next time, xoxo


Photo Credit: Surpass Visuals

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District Motherhued


Founders Nikki Osei and Simona Noce with Event Photographer Jermoni Dowd of JK Dowd Media

Simona Noce and Nikki Osei, both public relations professionals in their respective industries of film and fashion, were having their weekly chat and chew when they discovered a void for women like themselves; bosses who are also mothers. Not to discredit other organizations that offer a safe haven for the family matriarch, but therewas something that those groups were missing and Osei and Noce were on a mission to fill the gap. It was then that District Motherheud was conceptualized.

The launch event, The Mom Loft, took two months to plan and was held on October 6th. District Motherhued was designed to engage, empower, and equip millennial moms of color, personally and professionally. Future events are set to be held quarterly, targeting various areas of concern and interest for moms, with a heavyemphasis on self-care (because we all know moms put their families before themselves).

The Mom Loft’s mix and mingle hosted women in all stages of motherhood: those with infants, toddlers, teens, adults, and even a few expecting moms. The evening was equipped with face beats, manicures, massages, and a quick head shot available for all of the attendees. Oh, but it didn’t stop there. Staying true to the District Motherhued premise, Industrial Bank was there to assist those interested in financial education, followed by an empowering, witty, authentic, “non-example” conversation with author, poet, and teacher, Brandi Chantalle. Doula, Sam Olivia, offered words ofencouragement and a potential safe place for the mental health of the Mom attendees, in addition to Emily Griffin offering an additional safe haven for mommies and families through her psychotherapy practice, Happy Parents, Happy Babies.


Photo Credit: Jermoni Dowd (Instagram @jkdowdmedia)

The Mom Loft was sponsored by Industrial Bank, and numerous black-owned, woman-owned, mom-owned, businesses including Sole Savers, Mielle Organics, Smarty Pants Water, Nude Barre, PRMP Beauty, Cocktail Row, CEO Mom Magazine, and Just Like Me Box.

“We look forward to working with and introducing relevant, boss mom brands to our newfound DMV mom tribe,” says Osei.


Photo Credit: Jermoni Dowd (Instagram @jkdowdmedia)

Co-founder, Noce, added, “I’m excited about what’s to come with District MotherHued. This is something we’re very passionate about, and we are definitely carving out a legitimate fun and supportive space for us in this city.”

Keep up with District Motherhued on their social media for updates and future events!


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