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Things To Do This Weekend: The MLK Edition

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Our President is STILL black, so we shall turn up one last time in his honor this MLK weekend. There is plenty to do, so check out a handful of your options below.

1 Up Tour at the Howard Theater Join the wave and catch Retch at the Howard Theater for the 1 Up Tour. The DMV’s own Dope Music Village will also be performing and it’s sure to be a memorable experience. Gaining considerable traction in the hip-hop game, including appearing at the A3C Music Conference and Festival, as well as being one of Karen Civil’s “Civil’s Picks”. Tickets are $15

SoL Day Party and Clothing Drive Who doesn’t appreciate a good day party? This Saturday head to Cities for the return of the SoL Day Party. In honor of Martin Luther King weekend, ForWard Vision Group is doing their part by giving back. They will have a representative from We Feed Our People on site collecting NEW Underwear and warm winter clothing (including skull caps, gloves, and/ or blankets). Another party for a cause! RSVP here (

It Was All a Dream Day Party at Gryphon Set your Sunday off right for the It Was All A Dream Day Party at Gryphon. Hosted by King Flexxa with music by DJ Quicksilva and DJ Stevo. To RSVP, hit the DCNIGHTS app for your complimentary passes for Gryphon Sundays or hit this link.

Fetty Wap at Echostage You know you don’t have to work on Monday, so come Fetty Wap’s way to Echostage to see him live in concert. Tickets are still available if you head to Ticketmaster now.

Founders Day at Rosebar Join The Network DC on Sunday for a special edition of Rosebar Sunday’s as they celebrate the Founders Day of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. Long weekends were made for nights like this. RSVP here

While long weekends are great for a good time, don’t forget to take time to reflect on what this weekend is truly about. Head to the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial on the National Mall to remember that we are all a part of his dream. The last weekend before we bid a final farewell to our President, let’s not forget MLK’s message; “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”


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4 Winter Coats Every Girl and Guy Must Have

After I experienced my first winter in DC, I am an advocate for having multiple types of coats. You may think you can easily get away with one or two good coats during the winter season, but realistically you’ll need different types depending on the occasion (and weather). If at this point you’re thinking something along the lines of, “Who has money to just be throwing out for coats?!?”, I get it. Good coats are not only hard to find, but they can also be pricey. Thankfully, there are options out there and to help you to pick pieces that you feel are worth the investment, I did some research and put together a list of the top four coats that every man and woman should have in their closet.

A Trench Coat



Every “must-have” winter list will have a trench coat on it.  It’s an essential transitional piece that can easily take you from fall to winter. When it comes to a trench, stick with a neutral color (black, camel, navy, and gray) because even though surprising colors and patterns are fun, this is going to be a jacket you want to withstand the test of time (and short lived trends).




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DC Slang 101: The Beginner’s Guide

Alright! This article is for all out-of-towners or “transplants” as I like to call them, who’ve migrated to our fair city. In your travels, you might’ve heard some lingo dropped by the natives and wondered WTH were we talking about. Just like your city or country of origin, the dialect for anyone not from there may take some getting used to. Not to worry though, The Good Guy, a proud born and bred Washingtonian, is here to give you a basic tutorial on the Nation’s Capital native tongue.

MOE – [pronounced moh] – noun
1: term of endearment used for friend, family, or stranger; deriving from the original term “Joe”.
You’ll mainly hear this from the younger generation when they’re talking with their friends. It usually comes after “kill” (one of my least favorite slang terms), which is another word for “dang” or “damn”. Older Washingtonians will use “Joe” or “Cuz” which mean the same thing and the latter term won’t yield any consequences unlike in L.A.

Ex: “Killllll, Moe! I ain’t coming you all the way out Waldorf just to see you!”


JIVE – [pronounced jih] – adverb

1: way to describe a feeling or experience. Like “sort of”.
The spelling of this slang term is debatable. Many spell it the way that it’s pronounced, while I give some flavor to it with how I spell it. No matter how it spelled, the meaning and feeling to it is unmistakable. Yeah you can say you’re disappointed, but not really disappointed; add a jive to it and a Washingtonian will know exactly how you feel.

Ex: I was jive mad that it rained the other day because I wanted to play some ball.


BLOWN – [pronounced blohn] – adjective – blower, blew, blowing

1: something that is disappointing
2: disappointed
This is the best way to describe how you’re feeling whenever you catch a letdown, be it job interview, breakup, negative account balance, the state of affairs in the world – anything. To say you’re blown or that something is a blower is one that we all can understand.

Ex: I’m blown I wasn’t able to hit up Grits N’ Biscuits last night. I heard it was lit.


BAMMA – [pronounced bama] – noun
1: an undesirable person

This is a classic DC slang term. You’ve heard it on the street, you heard it in songs, and you’ve heard Huggy Lowdown says every week on the radio. This is something you never want to be called or known as. This makes you the lowest of the low. Do NOT – I repeat – do NOT be a Bamma.

Now that you know a little bit of our DC slang, use your words wisely and govern yourselves accordingly in these DC streets!

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5 Fitness Dates

Boxing Urban Boxing DC is high intensity fitness that features different levels of exercises and styles.  The facility features boxing, Jiu-Jitsu, self-defense, Thai Boxing, wrestling, or high intensity cardio. Urban boxing will definitely get your blood and sweat flowing.

You can partner up with your date to use one boxing bag but watch out for her right hook! If that wasn’t enough to convince you, your first class is free!

Water Activities Kayaking ($22/hr avg)

It’s a nice day, the sun is shining, DC humidity is low, and the air is crisp. It’s the perfect  time for water activities like kayaking or paddle boating in the DMV. Locations vary from the Key Bridge, Thomas Jefferson Memorial, National Harbor, etc. Bring lunch, snacks, and drinks, and prepare to enjoy a nice time on the water, or dock on one of the islands.

Sport Rock Climbing Center (Day Rental $18 each)

Rock Climbing is a great fitness activity that is both competitive and fun. It uses various muscle groups for a great all-around workout. Tighten your safety harness and see who can be on top first. Be sure to check out Sport Rock in Alexandria!


Nike Run Club (@nikerunning)

District Running Collective (@DistrictRunningCollective)

Nike Run Club and District Running Collective both offer a social means to run with others of your fitness level. This includes long distance running and running at various paces. Which one of you will run the faster pace on your date? Loser buys the drinks!


Bike and Roll (Cost varies)

Capital Bikeshare ($2 single trip)

Strap on your helmet and bike around the city with your date. This activity elevates your heart rate while embracing the scenic view of DC’s beautiful architecture and monuments.  Conveniently rent a bike from one of many Capital Bikeshare locations.  Bike and Roll DC offers various types of bikes to match your style. A tandem 2 seater bike can be rented for a romantic riding session to really see how in sync you both are.

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5 Signs That You Are Codependent in a Relationship

Written By Crystal Lambert

If there is anything I’ve learned during my dating lifetime, it’s how to be independent while maintaining a relationship. It didn’t happen overnight, and it took a lot of work within self. Over the years I started to understand how being independent not only builds your self-confidence, but can also help strengthen the relationship you are already in.

If you are unsure if you are codependent in your relationship, read these 5 signs:

1. You Make Your Plans around Their Plans

You were invited out to this party tonight and you wouldn’t mind going, but first you want to see if your significant other invites you out before you commit to any plans. Or even worse, you actually commit to going and cancel just to hang out with your significant other.

2. You’re Always Waiting for Them to Contact You When They Aren’t Around

You guys were just together an hour ago, and now you are freaking out wondering what he or she may be doing that’s keeping them from responding to your texts as quickly as you’d like them to.

3. You Are Always Doing Things for Their Benefit and Not Yours

You bend over backwards for them around the clock, and later find yourself resenting them for the time wasted.

4. You Allow the Way Your Partner Is Feeling to Dictate How You Feel

Your partner is having a rough day and out of convenience, takes his/her anger out on you. In response, your mood takes a turn for the worst

5. You Have No Hobbies of Your Own

You have a few things you’d like to try, but since you know your significant other wouldn’t be interested in them so you stick to what is comfortable and figure maybe you’ll try them out next year.
If any of these signs sound too familiar, maybe it’s time to re-evaluate the relationship. Figure out what things you could start doing to claim your sanity back and become more independent.  You got this!

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Pole Fitness: The Workout Trend That Every Woman Should Try

We’ve all seen her In the club, on Instagram, Snapchat, and at your local fitness studio. She pulls herself up to the top, then slides down into a perfect split right before extending herself into a flawless brass monkey; leaving you to wonder, “How the hell does she do that without breaking her neck?!”. In fact, if we take a moment to be honest with ourselves, we all have thought about being her: seductive, confident, and if the right song plays, slightly ratchet.

So when the opportunity presented itself at my sorority sister’s bachelorette weekend, I couldn’t resist the chance to see just how flexible and talented I could be on a pole. As the instructor, a cute average height bombshell, began class with a simple warm up to familiarize us with the pole, what many of us overzealous first timers missed as we smiled and giggled at the thought of shaking our booty around the pole was the part where she gently explained how pole dancing is not just about being sexy (although that does come into play) but in fact is also a stimulating work out for the mind, body and soul. Nevertheless by the end of the class through the cheers, laughs, risqué routines and aching calf muscles, we realized pole dancing is just that: a sexy little pastime and so much more.

Physically, pole dancing provides a full body workout by mixing pilates, yoga, and weight training techniques that simultaneously burn calories and tone your muscles. As an intensive upper body sport, many of the exercises require you to support your entire body weight by using your arms and stomach muscles, providing the same results as weight lifting or crunches. In some instance, the more complex routines can tone your glutes, inner thighs, and calf muscles as you climb up the pole and switch positions. Not only will you see yourself becoming more toned, but you can also burn anywhere from 200-300 calories per session due to the upbeat dance moves incorporated into the routines. Pole dancing is a great way to enhance your mobility and flexibility. As you experiment with new moves, you increase your coordination, balance, and limberness; preventing muscle soreness and stiffness,  and improving your kinesthetic awareness.

Mentally, pole dancing is a great and fun way to relieve stress. As the day to day demands including work obligations and relationships take a toll on our mental state, it causes adrenaline to build up making us more anxious and easily annoyed. An intense pole dancing session provides an opportunity to release some adrenaline causing the body to produce endorphins. Theses hormones are associated with the feelings of euphoria that will ultimately leave you happier and more relax.

Emotionally, pole dancing is a big confidence booster and a great way to network and make new friends. In a culture where women are told that they must look like an Instagram model to be considered beautiful, or that a size 8 is the perfect criteria for a plus size model and anything beyond that is unruly; a place that allows you to flaunt your body in a safe, supportive, and enjoyable environment is rare. With the attire being less clothes and more skin, you begin to feel empowered, sensual, and seductive as you learn to embrace the way your body naturally bends and hips rotate with every spin, dip, and lean.

Instructor Sasha Rocket of GirlFit Workout Studio, believes the feeling of sexiness is just a bonus. The true testimony of confidence is birthed from the support you receive by other women in the class when you build up enough courage to try a new move or create your own routine to share. It’s in that moment that you can see the true essence of sisterhood unfolding, and a woman coming into her own; whatever her own is.

Despite the three days it took to recover from a failed attempt at a backwards showgirl (trust me, it is as complicated as it sounds), looking back, the experience itself provided a fun, unique, and exhilarating workout that brought my sorority sisters and I closer, while reminding us the importance of loving ourselves inside and out. As a result, pole dancing has become an intricate part of my workout plan and is a great conversation starter when I’m encouraging other women to give it a try. Besides, what other place in the world can you unapologetically dance around in 6 inch heels, with barely anything on, and not have someone throw money at you or be subjected to harassment from a guy wondering if you can have friends? Not that many. Let loose and enjoy yourself Happy dancing!

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Mission Blush

A lot of people become so caught up in looking for the perfect foundation that they completely forget about the importance of picking the perfect blush. However, the right blush takes a look from “Oh” to “Wow!” within every stroke of product applied. It lightens the face and enhances the cheek bones for a more youthful glow! It provides your face with different dimensions that you possibly didn’t even know were there. Ladies and gentleman, (yes I said gentleman!) the blush provides you with the perfect pop of color that will take your already gorgeous face to the next level. Keep reading to find out which shades work best for you skin tone!

Fair Tones:

For entertainment purposes, clowns are universally known as having white painted faces with red paint on their cheeks serving as their blush. That’s fun and all but do you look to them for make-up inspiration when you’re going out with friends or on a hot date? No! With that being said, people with fair skin tones should stray away from applying dark red/pink blushes. It will appear completely unnatural and give your make up somewhat of a “clownish” finish. “If you have really fair, alabaster skin, other shades can tend to look orangey,” according to make-up artist Quinn Murphy in an Allure online article. To refrain from this, light pink blushes like Bare Minerals Warm Apricot or Peach Poppy blush will definitely give you a vibrant, younger, and fresher (with way less effort) look! However, if you want to spend less than $20, you can also purchase Elf Cosmetic’s blush in shades Tickled Pink or Twinkled Pink for $3!

MAJOR KEY: The key is for your blush to be subtle and compliment your skin tone and cheekbones in the most natural and flawless way! Also, I suggest applying your blush with an angled brush directly on the cheekbones so your face can appear sleeker instead of just on the apples of your cheeks which would give it a rounder effect. Keep that fair skin nice and bright!

Medium Tones:

Contrary to people with fair skin tones, people with medium skin tones should stay away from pale pink blushes to prevent an ashy look. Remember we want to enhance the cheekbones not take away from them. In order to do that, use rosy pink or peach blushes like Make Up For Ever’s HD Blush in Peach Pink for $26 at Sephora or Maybelline’s Dream Bouncy Blush for $5.49!

Remember to apply this blush with an angled brush working from the bottom of your cheeks to the top towards the hair line. Some people pat when applying blush and some people swipe when applying blush. It is completely up to you. However, depending on how pigmented the blush is, you want to make sure to apply the blush with a light hand to refrain from putting on too much product.

MAJOR KEY: One word….BLEND! BLEND! BLEND! You can have the absolutely perfect blush for your skin tone but if you do not blend then you can’t win chiiiile! *scarecrow from the Wiz voice*. You want to make sure you’re blending to refrain from one component of your make up sticking out like a sore thumb. Your make up is supposed to be cohesive and flow together like a river in a stream. The only way this can be achieved is if you blend honey!

Deep Tones:

I prefer to use the term deep tones because I personally do not like the term “darker” (bear with me DCWkly readers). I prefer the term deep or rich! Anyways, on a much richer and chocolatier note- where’s the illest girls around? Flawless and brown?! As model and social media heavy hitter Destiny Owusu ( Ohwawa on Instagram) would say #IsYourMelaninOnFleek. If so, you want to make sure you’re using a blush that will compliment your skin to the best of its ability. “For a warm weather vibe, play with a bold red blush, a mid-range orange, or deep pink” according to Some of the best blushes for the deeper skin tones are Lancôme’s Blush in Subtil in Plum Noir for $32 or Black Nyx Cosmetics Rouge Cream Blush in Red Cheeks for $6!

MAJOR KEY: Like most makeup, blush comes in two different forms- cream and powder. You want to make sure you get the perfect blush for your skin type whether it’s normal, oily, or combination. If you have normal skin, you can use cream or powder blush. However, if you have oily skin you want to prevent yourself from using cream like products so your face doesn’t appear too shiny. If you have dry skin, try using a cream brush to prevent your skin from appearing flaky. In this case-opposites attract.

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Falling in Love with Potential

The word of the day is potential.

Before we get started, the simple definition of potential is “capable of being something in the future.”

Ladies, it’s usually us who fall for our lover’s potential. We start dating a guy, things get a little serious, and you start falling in love….with who he could be. Now I’m not saying that you must have it all on day one, however, know the difference between actual potential and unrealistic suppositions.

Falling for potential is easier than you may think because most times it’s led by our own expectations, and how we imagine things will be in the long run. We tend to base our happiness on what we hope for instead of the reality of what is. Dreaming is great, don’t get me wrong. Rooting for someone and pushing them to be all you know they can be is what you should do as a partner. However, part of being an adult is taking heed to someone’s character and what they’ve shown you.

I understand the urge to push your partner and encourage them to be better; not letting them sleep if they’ve only give 98%, as we all should, but also accept them for who they have shown you that they are. Make a clear separation to be sure you aren’t confusing the life that you hope for, with the life that you’re living.

If you find yourself saying, “he would be so perfect if he just…” or “if he wouldn’t do that we would be so good,” you aren’t accepting him for who he is. You’re trying to make him into what you hope he will be.

Don’t be the one to fall in love with the potential of who he could be in the future, when he has shown you his true colors in the present moment.

Everyone has the ability to become something in the future; that’s what potential is. Don’t fall for that ability. Love who you’re with for who they are today, and not who you think they could be tomorrow.

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Best Places to Meet Singles in DC

We live in a city that has an abundance of singles, yet we can’t seem to find the perfect match; or any potential for that matter. I can attest to it. I’m not here to play matchmaker, but hopefully some of these suggestions will have you guys set for cuffing season (which is tapping us on the shoulder by the way).

First stop, your local grocery store. Always leave the house dressed as if you could very well run into your husband. This is a neutral place, and I’ve heard it to be a good spot to meet someone. Go in open minded, be sure to look decent, and from there, you just have to see what happens.

Nellie’s Sports Bar Nellie’s caters to the LGBT community and is such a cool bar! I’ve been here on numerous occasions and can easily see why the community loves it. Tons of single, beautiful men, strong drinks, and amazing food. Yes, the food is phenomenal! Nellie’s is the perfect spot for single gay men in particular, to possibly meet their match. On the corner of 9th & U Street NW

Red Derby Before I get to the good part, this is a cash only bar; but with the inexpensive menu, you should be fine. This spot features board games, pool tables and a roof-deck. This is far from a pretentious bar so you can be versatile as it pertains to your wardrobe. Many of the activities are potential conversation starters; perfect opportunity to meet someone new! Grab a $6 Bud and shot combo and let the mingling commence. 3718 14th Street NW

Biergarten Haus The set up at Biergarten Haus forces you to meet people you wouldn’t have otherwise. This involves beer and random seating at picnic tables; if you’re open to that, you have to go and check out this spot. Grab a seat next to your possible future soulmate and stay cool with a glass of chilled beer. You can’t beat this! 1355 H Street NE

Marvin’s I can actually attest to Marvin’s. You can go here any day of the week and potentially meet your next love situation. This is the best melting pot for the more eclectic singles in the area. Marvin’s is a laid back atmosphere with great music, great drinks, and possibly great sites. Happy hunting! 2007 14th Street NW

Now, I’ve given you the map of gold, it’s up to you to find it. Use this list and find your next potential bae, netflix-and-chill partner, or whatever your heart desires. Summer isn’t quite over yet, but Fall is right around the corner. The time for mixing and mingling is now; don’t miss your opportunity!

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Inside Unkle Scooty’s World

If you live in DC and haven’t heard of Kevin ‘Unkle Scooty’ Hallums, more than likely you’re new in town. I actually met Hallums for the first time during my interview with LeGreg Harrison for our feature on The Museum. When I was first asked if I was interested in speaking with Scooty, I agreed since I was already there. I hadn’t heard of him or knew who he was; but within moment of him walking into the room, his presence made me think, “okay, maybe he’s a big deal.”


My premonition was correct. As an entrepreneur, emcee of the cities largest and only Urban Earth Day festival, founder of Premium Co., Unkle Scooty is a household name within the Urban Community of Washington D.C. He is a walking testament of how a vision and dream can take you from a local D.C kid, to a businessman and local public figure.

The name ‘Scooty’ was always Hallums’ nickname, until a friend added ‘Unkle’ and the rest is history. Growing up in D.C during the 80s and early 90s the city was still labeled the “Murder Capital”, Scooty described the presence of drugs, violence, and poverty as everyday life. This upbringing not only helped him develop a business mindset, but served as motivation to become more than a businessman, but a businessman with his own entities.

“[Growing up in D.C. back in the 90’s] can take you in so many directions and can play at so many emotions. [As I started to] get deep into business, I realized that it’s very much like being in the street. If you can survive and overcome all those things, then business should be second nature and life in general is seen through a different scope.” – KH

Although he’s fairly new the entrepreneurial life, Unkle Scooty has always been heavily involved in the community. Combining his passions for working in creative fields and preserving the culture of D.C., Kevin served as a full-time administrator at a local District school and hosted the George Washington University radio show, Funkadelic Freestyle , before concentrating on building his own brands.

 In the 2000s, Hallums devised a plan to work with, and create events that targeted the unique millennial community within the city; Rock Creek Social Club was one of the first ventures produced from this vision. Since inception, the Club has worked with some of the top brands in the lifestyle and entertainment arena including: Crown Royal, BET, Soul Cycle, the W Hotel, Reebok and more.  A brainchild between Hallums and his business partner Jerome Baker III, RCSC is a full service creative and lifestyle organization responsible for some of the city’s most famous events including: The Grilled Cheese Social, F.A.M.E., and Broccoli City Festival. All these events plus the countless others under the organization work together to unite the city by celebrating individual differences and similarities in respect to fashion, art, music, and entertainment. Since the Club’s initial creation several years ago, it continues to remain one of D.C.’s top creative and lifestyle brands. In addition, it continues to develop events and activities catering to many communities overlooked in the city. From the hipster kid with dirty vans and a bike lock in their pocket, to the guy in a suit who works on The Hill, Scooty (along with Rock Creek Social Club) prides himself on creating things any Washingtonian can enjoy and relate to.

“One thing about the [Grilled Cheese Social] is that it’s for everyone.  Anyone can enjoy it. There’s no VIP, no dress-code, and no judgment.  That’s why people love it.”  

Premium Co., a men’s clothing brand,  is another project Scooty is involved in.  The brand offers unique pieces currently on shelves in some of the hottest retailers out right now like the DOPE shop of Los Angeles and Monumental, based in Richmond, Virginia. Premium Co. has been featured on CBS WUSA 9’s D.C weekday morning show Great Day Washington, Complex Magazine, The Washingtonian, Northern Virginia Magazine, and the Washington Business Journal. The brand’s pop-up events at Union Market have always been a continuous hit receiving attention from What Do I Wear, Guest of Guest, and The Fab Empire.


“Premium Co was started in 2011 by my partners Tyler Hundley and Davin Gentry. I joined the team in 2013 originally as help for sales & marketing. Premium was transitioning from jewelry to men’s essential clothing company. Being that they were starting a new chapter in the company’s story, it was almost perfect timing for me. Within the first 2 months we were traveling the country planting seeds that would build an amazing network. After a year I would become managing partner.”

While both Rock Creek Social Club and Premium Co. are booming, Scooty is best known for hosting the Broccoli City Festival. He has hosted the event since its birth four years ago, sharing the stage with Erykah Badu, Big KRIT, Future, Camron, Jhene Aiko, and many other artists who have graced the Broccoli City stage. As the popularity of the festival grows, so does the brand that is “Unkle Scooty”.  

“Other than Trillectro, there were no other festivals in D.C. that catered specifically to Millennials or had a message behind it.  So, when we were approached by Broccoli City to host a music festival [Rock Creek Social] was all for it.  We felt as though an event like this was needed in the city.  If you think about it, D.C. is a major city…but not a lot of people think of it as a major attraction spot.  [Broccoli City Festival] provided a means for people to finally see D.C. as an all-around dope place to be.”

Scooty makes sure to keep in mind he has younger kids looking up to him. Inspiring the next generation continues to be one of his top priorities. He regularly speaks on school panels and is always around to lend an ear and share advice to young students. When asked what advice he would give to someone looking to make it in the city and/or start their own business Hallums said:


“Respect, honesty, credibility, and loyalty will carry you a long way (in D.C) [it] is a melting pot. Almost like a baby NYC as it pertains to culture. So many people from so many different places all over the world migrate to our city every single day. Accepting these people and being open to change makes us better individuals because growth comes from experience and exposure.”


Keep up with Unkle Scooty –

Social Media @unklescooty

Rock Creek Social Club
Premium Co
Grilled Cheese Social
Broccoli City Festival

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