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Spotlight: Sankara Xasha Ture


Sankara with Celebrity Client Wanda Durant serving the red carpet at The Espy Awards (Photo Credit: @sankaraxt Instagram)

Behind all great entertainers, is an even better stylist. Inspired by her days as a dancer, Howard University alumna Sankara Xasha Ture began her styling career in New York City, under the tutelage of legendary costume designer and professor, Reggie Ray. Since then, she has taken the styling game by storm; working with the likes of Mama Durant, Phylicia Rashad, and Yandy Smith. Recently, Sankara won the Reebok Style Suite competition, naming her one of the best stylists in the DMV.  

Stunned by her ability to balance motherhood with her demanding career, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Sankara to discuss her upcoming projects, as well as gain a few style tips!

KB: How did your career in the fashion industry get started?

SXT: My career in the fashion industry started when I was working with my college professor, Reggie Ray. He was the costume designer at Howard University, and one day he came up to me on the steps of the Fine Arts building and asked me why I attended Howard University.  He said I did not  belong here and needed  to chase a bigger dream. I started to do my research and realized he was like the top five costume designers in America. Then I started to beg him everyday to let me shadow him, be his assistant, or intern. Reggie Ray had just accepted the Head Costume Designer position for the Broadway show ‘Stick Fly’, produced by Alicia Keys. That led to me assisting him on that Broadway show. I was in school full time and traveling back and forth to NYC every week. Every week turned into me eventually taking a hiatus from school and moving to New York.


KB:Where do you draw your fashion inspiration?

SXT: I would say my inspiration comes from training in dance for so many years. I love tulle, tutus, a-line dress and skirts, and really girly things. Also, I hate to see people in the same things I wear, so I might do crazy things like cut the crotch out of a pair of jeans and make it a top. I pair economically friendly pieces with girly things.  

Sankara with models showcasing winning looks at The Reebok Style Suite held at The Museum Photo Credit: Marc J. Photography

Sankara with models showcasing winning looks at The Reebok Style Suite (Photo Credit: Marc J. Photography)

KB: What do you think is the most essential item in every woman’s wardrobe?

SXT: The most essential thing a woman should have is confidence. You can turn a trash bag into a Givenchy dress in your mind if you rock it. In school, I used to wear crazy things. I remember one year I cut caution tape off the side of the building at Howard University and glued it to my shoes. I was going through campus killing it! You wear the clothes, the clothes shouldn’t wear you.

KB: What trends are you loving right now?

SXT: I’m loving the reconstructed shirts; everyone is on the eco friendly thing. Chokers and dad hats when my hair isn’t done.  

KB: Name your most essential items for styling?

SXT: Safety pins and clamps. I love to thrifting and turning items into avant garde pieces. However, sometimes the items are really big and I use safety pins and clamps to give the illusion.You can take a sheet off of a bed and if it’s safety pinned correctly, it’ll turn into a gown.

KB:What projects are you working on right now?


(Photo Credit: @sankaraxt Instagram)

SXT: My main client is Wanda Durant, Kevin Durant’s mom. I also go back and forth to New York a lot. I just did something with Love & Hip Hop. Also, I worked with Roger Mckenzie. He worked alongside June Ambrose in the 90’s and did major things with celebrities like Busta Rhymes.

KB: Do you have any advice for a career in fashion  styling?

SXT: Never accept the word NO for an answer because whatever you want, you can achieve. If you have a Plan A there should never be a plan B, go hard at plan A.

Keep up with Sankara on Instagram @sankaraxt

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Summer Festival Survival Guide

Whether you’re traveling to New York for Afropunk, or staying in the DMV for Trillectro, it’s imperative to stay fresh all weekend.

A breezy summer weekend filled with your favorite artists is a great way to meet new people and create lasting memories.

To make it easier on you, we put together a list of essentials to ensure you survive festival season 16’:

Makeup Routine

We all want to look our best and stay photo-op ready throughout the festival while achieving a natural look with our makeup. Shorten your makeup routine and go for a lighter look with a BB Cream. Skin highlighting is a quick way to make your look appear more radiant. Consider investing in waterproof products like eyeliner or mascara to avoid make-up smears.

Most importantly, add sunblock with spf 30 to your routine to protect your skin from harmful sunrays and prevent premature aging





With so many trends this year it’s hard to pick just one, but keep in mind less is always more. Accessories can make or break your outfit. My favorite trend, face jewels, is the perfect statement piece for festival season (think flower crowns of 2013). Also, do not bring anything that you would not mind breaking or losing; such as your expensive shades or new camera. A fanny pack is a great way to to keep up with your personal items. Furthermore, make sure to carry a “dad hat” to protect yourself from the sun. A reliable rule for footwear is to keep it cute and comfortable, as your shoes may get dirty depending on the venue.




Keep It in the Bag

How many times have you been to a festival and halfway through the event your phone dies? Consider purchasing a portable power pack to charge your phone. Who wants to miss out on memorable photos and snaps? Also, be sure to carry travel-sized deodorant; more than likely you will be partying all day. You may run into your crush or longtime friend and nothing would be worse than being oh-so-smelly. Lastly, while we pray for sunny weather, be sure to bring a disposable poncho incase it decides to rain.


Untitled #122


The Gear

Whether your style is sporty or feminine, matching sets and jumpsuits are the go to pieces of the summer. While shopping, make sure you grab clothing that is comfortable, flattering to your figure, and made of a lightweight fabric.

Ultimately, you want to make the outfit your own and wear it with confidence. Allow your personal style to shine through!

Naughty or Nice
Untitled #124

Have Fun!

The most important of everything I’ve noted is: drink lots of water and allow yourself time to rest.

Remember these tips throughout your summer festival tour to prevent discomfort. Happy travels!

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DC’s Most Instagrammable Murals

Written By Kiara Bagley

Murals are the hidden gems of the city. I have always been impressed by the artistic expression found in murals. Some manage to pass them everyday without a second thought. In the fashion community, “wall scouting” plays a major role in brightening up your Instagram feed and capturing the beauty of the city.


Below are some of our favorite street art and murals around the city that are a must-have for your Instagram feed!


Marvin Gaye Mural

Artist: Aniekan Udofia

Located on 7th and S Street in Shaw

Local artist Aniekan Udofia created this mural after his original Marvin Gaye mural was covered because of construction. In an article with Dcist, Udofia speaks on the idea of the mural being “reborn.”


Artist:Kate Deciccio

Located at Rhode Island Row

According to Kate Deciccio’s Instagram, this piece was inspired by the DC City Council proposal to further criminalize graffiti.


photo cred:

The Afro-Colombian Mural: Currulao y Desplazamiento

Artist:Joel Bergner

Located on 13th and Ust

The Afro-Colombian Mural: Currulao y Desplazamiento celebrates the Afro-Colombian culture while creating awareness of the effects of widespread human displacement and other human right issues caused by armed conflict.


Artist: Mr. Brainwash

Located at Union Market DC on at 1351 U St. NW

By Mr. Brainwash joined by First lady Michelle Obama to celebrate the anniversary of Let Girls Learn. The mural is located near Union Market.


Artist: Aniekan Udofia

Located In the alley next to Ben’s Chilli Bowl

The mural was to celebrate four men that have influenced Ben’s Chilli Bowl and Washington D.C. To include President Obama, Chuck Brown, Bill Cosby, and Donnie Simpson. The mural was created in 2012 prior to the Bill Cosby allegations, and has been the topic of controversy.



Artist: Krsko Creative Group

Located Near Union Market DC

This mural celebrates the power of unity found amongst the commercial district of Union Market.


Living Time Line: Paul Robeson

Artists: Cory Stowers, Nessar Jahanbin

Designed: Andy Katz

Installed by Eric B

Location: 1351 U St. NW

Living Timeline: Paul Robeson is an interactive mural that celebrates the life of Paul Robeson and his role in the Civil Rights Movement.

If you are interested in furthering your love for street art and murals, HUF 1 and The Fridge DC are offering a Graffiti Lettering Workshop for $20 on May 22nd.

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Meet Fashion Designer Jamese Fox

Jamese Fox is a DMV fashion designer and the founder of FOX MOD – a ready to wear clothing line with bold prints and silhouettes. FOX MOD has been presented in the DCFW’s Metropolitan Emerging Designers & Indie Artist Showcase. Recently, Fox released her S/S 2016 collection, POSH, which features vibrant florals perfect for releasing your alter ego. Kiara Bagley of DC WKLY had the pleasure of interviewing this rising DC Fashion Designer.

KB: Tell me about yourself

JF: My name is Jamese Fox, I am a fashion Designer for Fox Mod that is my clothing brand. The number one thing about me is I’m really shy so I kind of created Fox Mod to hide behind. It’s like my alter ego. I become fierce when I’m Fox Mod. When I turn on Fox Mod I become very lively and outgoing.


KB: When did you know you wanted to be a fashion designer?

JF: I’ve been a fashion designer since 2006. That’s also when I received my first sketchbook. I have videos of me being excited over clothing I received for Christmas. Fashion has always been a love of mine and my passion. My 8th grade year is when I really wanted to be a fashion designer and I started to focus on it. When I got into college in 2010, I started to focus on my brand and started to pursue it full-time. I keep all of my sketch books. I have never thrown my sketchbooks away.

KB: What were your first steps in developing your fashion line?

JF: Well, I used to get stuff from the thrift store, then try to make it look nice again because it’s completely out of style. I used to make clay earrings, bow ties, and just play with stuff. I would cut up shirts and bleach shorts. Initially, my clothing line was called Urban Fox Clothing. I was going for the urban look, it was very thrifty. It kind of molded and later evolved into Fox Mod.

KB: How would you describe your brand?

JF: My brand is for the woman who wants to stand out while everyone else has on black and white. You come in there with bold prints, bold silhouettes, and different shapes. It’s not just cut-outs, everyone is doing the cutout thing, but it is real clothes and it makes you feel good. My clothing is supposed to make you feel like that number one person in the room. I go for the prints.

KB:What is the mood for your current collection?

JF: The current mood is floral prints. The collections are all connected but right now it is Vibrant Floral. There is a five piece collection using the same fabric. It’s really bold silhouettes. Happy Spring and Sexy Spring.

KB:How was it to participate in DC Fashion Week and how would you describe the response?

JF: First of all, it was my first real fashion show. It was really exciting. I love fashion shows and I mostly do college fashion shows. DC fashion week was like a dream because of all the different types of people, and they are doing what you are doing and they are all great and have positive energy. Being around all these people with positive energy and no tension it made me feel great. There are always times when you doubt yourself. It made me excited and made me want to push forward. I’m looking into doing more fashion weeks because it was a really great experience.

Grey Inverted Dress

KB: What challenges have you faced as a designer?

JF: Procrastination is my ultimate challenge everyday. Getting the support. A lot of money is needed to start something especially with these shows. The clothing is sitting they have makeup on them. Definitely the money has been a challenge and procrastination is always my daily challenge more than anything. The social media feedback I don’t feel I get a lot feedback. So right now a lot of people reach out to me, but it never follows through probably 25%. It’s not really beneficial it’s tough to get my small instagram to a larger following.

KB: As an entrepreneur do you feel like you have to be the face of your brand?

JF: I like to work behind the scenes. If I’m doing a show I feel like it’s ok for me to be in the spotlight. As far as social media, I’d rather not be. I feel it It takes away from the brand itself. I do not want people to like me I want people to like the clothes.

KB: Who is the face of your brand?

JF: I use that whole Sasha Fierce thing. The other side of me. It’s more of my alter ego the girl inside of me. It’s a combination of Rihanna and Angela Simmons. Sweet and Sour.

KB:Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

JF: I’m going to be in New York full-time. I am going to be a performer at New York Fashion Week, that’s my ultimate goal. In ten years, I want to be sitting back and have someone else run the company while I sit back. Also, I want to have three stores in ten years one in New York, one in California, and one here in DC. I know a lot of us try to run away from DC. It’s a love/hate relationship in DC. It depends on the mood we are getting from the people.

To view more beautiful looks by Jamese Fox, visit:

Join her social media handles on Facebook: FOXMOD

and Instagram: @THEFOXMODBRAND

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Broccoli City Fest Outfit Ideas for Ladies


Let’s kick off Summer ‘16 the right way! We all have a special place in our heart for DC’s summer festivals. April 30, 2016 marks the fourth annual Broccoli City Festival. This year be prepared for a crazy show with: Future, Jhene Aiko, The Internet, Anderson .Paak & The Free Nationals, BJ The Chicago Kid, Sango of the Soulection collective and more. Sometimes, finding the perfect outfit for the festival can be such a task. Here are your last minute Broccoli City Fashion ideas

The Catsuit
This is a summer essential perfect for any concert or festival. The great thing about a catsuit is that you can dress it up with ankle strap sandals or dress it down with dope sneakers. Consider bringing a flannel to tie around your waist to add some color. Pack a windbreaker, just in case there are unexpected showers or it gets a little chilly. Add a witty hat for style and protection from the sun. Denim accessories have a vintage feel to them and they are a perfect addition to your wardrobe.



Boho Chic
This outfit is for the girlie girl. You can look nice and still be comfortable. The kimono is the perfect amount of coverage for the bralette. Remember add a little color to your palate and there is nothing wrong with adding a little print to your wardrobe no matter how the Kardashians make you feel about color. Gladiators sandals are a great flat to be comfortable and stylish.



Sporty set
Hopefully you were lucky enough to get your hands on some of the Beyonce’s Ivy Park items. If you were not so lucky consider mixing some of your athletic accessories with your everyday closet basics. The minimal look is sleek and sexy at the same time. Who said you have to break the bank for every festival or event of the summer?



Midi Dress
A midi dress is the perfect length for the festival. It gives you the freedom to dance and enjoy yourself without worrying about your dress rising. Right now neutral colors are great, but consider expanding your color palette with bold prints.



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Broccoli City Fashion for Men


Festival fashion for women is everywhere; you can never go wrong with fringe or a sundress. But what about the guys? Everyone is flocking to social media to see the latest festival trends. How do you dress for Broccoli City without looking like you are trying too hard? Let’s face it, it’s not as easy as throwing on a witty screen tee from Spencer’s. If you’re in need of some assistance, here’s our fashion guide to the Broccoli City Festival:

Consider mixing light and dark shades of denim to showcase 90’s vibes. This spring, the accessories are just as important as the clothing. Classic style is about keeping things minimal and mixing your staples with a recently purchased t-shirt. The dad hat and bandanas are festival faves, and a great way to dress up old items.



Make a Statement
Wearing white to a festival is for the bold. Add a statement jacket into the mix to break up the monochromatic feel of all white. The bomber jacket is here for another season, so why not experiment with fabrics and the longline fit.

Untitled #107


Real Men Wear Pink
It’s not just for the ladies anymore. Experiment with a pop of pastel pink and stand out in the crowd.

Untitled #106


In 2015, sportswear was on the rise and performance fabrics were reaching to new heights. This year, try drop crotch shorts to make your sportswear more contemporary and versatile. A great way to build your sportswear wardrobe is to start off with neutral colors.



Shades of Green
Spring weather can be unpredictable, so layer up! The patches add a little spice to the classic bomber.



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5 DC Boutiques to Put on Your Radar


Nubian Hueman
IG: NubianHueman
1231 Good Hope Rd SE

  • Located in the historic Anacostia Arts Center, Nubian Hueman brings an amazing and culturally eclectic assortment of clothing, jewelry, and goods in a clean and aesthetically pleasing boutique. It’s the perfect place to shop after your Saturday morning yoga just one door over, all while drinking a latte and eating a baked-from-scratch muffin from the onsite eatery. There’s such a sense of community, family, and love when you shop there, and it’s hard not to walk out without buying the whole store. It’s no surprise the boutique was voted DC’s 2nd Best Clothing Boutique by Washington City Paper just months after opening.

Nomad Yard
IG: @NomadYard
411 New York Ave NE

  • Described as a “marketplace for home and person,” Nomad Yard is a collective of 14 sustainable, independent, and vintage good dealers all in one cool ass space. The boutique offers a wide mashup of goods that cross decades, cultures, and old and new. The store carries “vintage clothing, accessories, shoes, books, antique and up cycled furniture, hand crafted goods whose stories are deeply influenced by people, passion and possibility,” and you’re definitely bound to find a one of a kind piece. Stop by and check out the carefully curated storefront, and interact with staffers whose personal style is refreshingly creative.

Betty Stores
IG: @DMVBetty
181 American Way, National Harbor

  • On the heels of a very successful consignment shop in Baltimore’s Federal Hill neighborhood for years, Bmore Betty has expanded its reach into the DMV at the National Harbor. This high end premier consignment shop is a label lover’s dream, selling your favorite brands like Chanel, Christian Louboutin and more for a fraction of the cost. Stop in to sell your own goods or exchange them for Betty Bucks for an in store purchase. The ladies at Betty are also able to shop for that hard to find piece you’ve been looking for. Check out their frequent posts on IG but know these items don’t last too long.

IG: @foundryinterior
1954 2nd St NW

  • Foundry’s tagline of “Past, Present, and Possible” perfectly describe this French inspired gem. Stop in to find one of a kind vintage clothing, furniture, or to get home and style design services. Initially a home décor store, the owner’s own love of fashion and jewelry led to the expansion of goods offered in the store. Foundry takes it lead from the flea markets in the City of Light, and combines vintage vogue with classy and contemporary style. The owner hand selects each piece in the store using her unique eye for style, tuned from her many years in design. You’ll find traditional, modern and contemporary pieces sitting alongside the quirky and eclectic. The shop is restocked and restyled monthly, so you’ll get a different experience each time you shop.

Lettie Gooch
IG: @LettieGooch
1517 U St NW

  • This high end women’s boutique located on the Historic U Street Corridor offers clothes from local emerging designers as well as up and coming international designers already making a name for themselves stateside. The space promotes style and soul, and it’s definitely apparent in this beautifully styled boutique. The boutique often hosts events for the likes of private designers, prominent style bloggers and DC’s tastemakers. Walking past the perfectly styled windows of this storefront definitely garners a stop in to peruse its goods. The store is cleanly laid out and easy to navigate which makes finding what you want a breeze!
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9 Tips to Make You a Thrift Store Pro

Used Denim Rack

You might not believe it but 75 percent of my wardrobe is from thrift and vintage shopping. Thrift shopping is not only eco-friendly, but it can also be very good for your wallet. While I feel like I was born a thrifter everyone can’t be so lucky. However, a few tips for shopping at your local thrift store can help you become a pro in no time.

Thrift Store Shopping Hacks:

  1. Location

The thrift stores located in wealthier neighborhoods usually have more designer clothing and higher-end products. From my experience, the thrift stores are also not as picked over and the prices are lower for designer products.

  1. Sales

Thrift stores now have email lists to communicate their sales. Sometimes they even offer sales exclusively to customers on their email list. On holidays, a lot of the Value Village and Unique Thrift stores offer a 50 percent sale.

  1. Shop Off-Season

Don’t write off a cool coat because it’s spring time. Don’t wait until the summer to shop for tanks and dresses. The most important thing when shopping off-season is to make sure it is something you will actually wear six months from now.

  1. Come Prepared

Wear leggings and a tank, or something you will feel comfortable trying on your thrift store finds. The lines are extremely long because people have baskets full, and some smaller thrift stores do not even have fitting rooms. Examine your wardrobe and see what you need– it will help you match with pieces that you already have. Check a magazine and find out current trends for the season. It will serve as inspiration and give you an idea of what to look for.

  1. Take your Time

Sometimes I would find American Apparel clothing mixed in with young girls’ clothing. The sorters probably thought the skimpy dress had to be for a child. Most thrift stores do not offer returns or exchanges, therefore, it is important to really check your items for tears, broken zippers, holes, and discoloration. Make sure it’s actually worth it and you are not just buying the item because it’s cheap. I like to give myself time to make sure I actually like the item and it’s not an impulse buy by walking around the store a few times.

  1. Thrifter’s Karma

DONATE! Every time you visit consider bringing a bag of old clothing and household items. I believe thrifting karma comes full circle, and whenever you give cool items you find some more cool items. Plus, it is a fine line between being a thrifter and being a HOARDER!

  1. Remember: This is Fun!

The thrift store is just like the lottery; you have to be in it to win it. The more you go to thrift stores the more likely you are to stumble upon a gem. There are times when I will spend an hour in the thrift store, and still leave empty-handed. However, those of one-of-kind vintage pieces make it all worth it.

  1. Shop on Vacation

Whenever I’m on vacation I map out the local thrift stores and make it my mission to check out at least one. You can usually find sports gear or theme styles specific to the area (Hawaiian   shirts, Western, etc.) cheaper than you would on eBay.

  1. Research

Yelp is a useful tool when searching for new thrift stores. You can research store hours, the location, and read reviews. Does the thrift store sell mostly clothing, furniture, or a mixture of both? I remember I found this amazing thrift store in Harrisburg, Pa. last summer. One weekend we traveled all the way up there just to see an abandoned building. So, to save time, and maybe even gas, do your research!

Are you already a thrift store guru? What was the coolest item you found at the thrift store?



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4 Vegan/Vegetarian Eats for Curious Meat Eaters


The vegetarian and vegan lifestyles are becoming a little more accessible on the restaurant scene in the DMV. I will admit the plant-based diets are awesome for energy, health, and weight control, but they are definitely no walk in the park. A great way to start is maybe commit to “Meatless Monday” or one day out of the week that you go without animal products. Recently, I challenged myself to a 50-day vegan challenge, but it was extremely difficult to let go of eating out all together.

Vegetable Garden (Vegan)
3830 International Dr.
Silver Spring, MD, 20906

This place is a hidden treasure. On the outside it looks like your average Chinese carryout, but inside it is an intimate dining experience. The Cumin Tofu is delicious and great for sharing, especially with a side of sweet sour sauce for dipping. Vegetable Garden offers an assortment of the signature Asian dishes including my fave, a mock sweet and sour chicken and pan-fried dumplings. The restaurant offers 10 percent off if you pay with cash!

Amsterdam Falafel Shop (Vegetarian)
2425 18th St NW
Washington, DC 20009

Late night in Adams Morgan this is your drunken night food spot. On the weekends they stay open until 4 a.m. There are always some cool throwback hip-hop tunes blasting in the shop. Once you get your falafel grab as many toppings as you can, and do not forget the garlic sauce!

Everlasting Life Restaurant & Lounge (Vegan)
9185 Central Ave., Ste. A
Capitol Heights, MD 20743

This restaurant is a casual soul food spot with excellent customer service. Personally, I have never had a bad dish at this spot, and the menu changes daily. The best part about this restaurant is that they label the ingredients used in the menu items. My favorite dish is the legendary macaroni cheese, seaweed salad, and the curried tofu. The packaging used for the items is perfect for storing, and sometimes I just eat off of my cold items for a few days and they still taste delicious.

Sticky Fingers Sweets & Eats (Vegan)
9185 Central Ave., Ste. A
Capitol Heights, MD 20743

I stumbled upon this spot while working in Columbia Heights during the summer. The retro environment is perfect for days you need some quiet time but rather skip the Starbucks crowd. I always purchase my father’s birthday cupcakes from here and they never disappoint. While Sticky Fingers is hyped for their vegan dessert options the brunch and dinner items are perfect for on the go. My all time fave is the vegan grilled cheese sandwich with onions and tempeh bacon- definitely an upgrade for grilled cheese lovers.

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