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Redefining Woman: Jessica Gold

Jessica Gold, native of the area is on a mission to change the ideology of what a “woman” is. Gold decided to take a different approach to blogging and started her new purpose, Redefine Woman. The space for all things estrogen influenced features areas where you can read and discuss relationships, beauty, fashion, fitness and spirituality hosted by the DMV local and her posse of seven contributing writers. The vision of creating this space for women of all ethnicities, ages, and race, where women are able to shine bright despite their aesthetics comes from a moment aligned with her higher power.

There is a special section of Redefine Woman where you will have the ability to be a loyal fan to her original content in the form of a web series. Gold is expected to launch her directorial debut called The C-Word, through The series captures the story of a young man telling his story of practicing celibacy. Having this piece on the website helps “clarify the double standard”, says Gold.

Gold makes sure she highlights women going through real things and have the world understand that “we are more than our bodies”. In addition to the places to capture thoughts and new ideologies of what life can be, the website honors other women in their respective spaces of bossin’ up in all industries and all lifestyles.

Expect to hear from Ms. Gold very soon in promoting Redefine Woman’s events and the debut of her web series in October. Auditions for the series will be held on March 25. If you’re interested in being a part of the process, email: Also, support Jessica and team by contributing to her GoFundMe available at

Find Jessica and her team by way of their weekly online journal,, be sure to subscribe to their event reminders and follow @RedefineWoman and @cwordwebseries for more.

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We Go Too: A Travel Resource for Minority Passport Stampers

Millennials are catching flights abroad more frequently, and of those passport stampers, a host of them are minorities. From the vibrant architecture of Brazil, to the delicate pastries of Paris and to the hot springs of Iceland, millennials are taking the world by storm one layover at a time. However, there is a void in this space that is being discovered; how to be comfortable amongst those that do not know, see, or maybe even like people of color.

 Alishia and Randi, co-founders of We Go Too, understood the lack of resources that are available to minorities that travel abroad and decided to do something about it. Both ladies had the opportunity to travel to different countries before being partnered with each other by way of an academic endeavor, which sparked their concerns for who else may be feeling the way that they have felt.

We Go Too is an urban travel resource, created to share the minority travel experience through tips and tricks submitted by other urban travelers who’ve lived it, seen it and done it. “Pro tips”, dubbed by the group, range from where to find health and beauty needs to the best places to eat and feel comfortable. The organization also provides information about the countries that you may be visiting by way of their own experiences and by hosting “Jetwork” opportunities, where you are able to connect with other minority travelers while doing what you love—traveling! Randi and Alishia are set to coordinate their next Jetwork experience is the second week in March.

We Go Too has set up a partnership with local HBCU, Howard University to host a Passport Drive on April 14th, sponsoring passport application fees for students interested in traveling abroad as they did at their respective higher education institutions.  If nothing else, help a student stand on the shoulders of giants and afford them the opportunity to experience life beyond the States. Follow the proactive duo by signing up for the monthly newsletter on their website. You can also find them on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Tell them, KayBee sent you.

Happy Stamping!

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[Event Recap] The Goal Getters Brunch Powered by Women Who Hustle

Washington native Candice Nicole of Candice Nicole PR, along with registered nurse, Meisha Amia, started Women Who Hustle back in 2015 as an organization developed to emPOWER women, encourage women to keep their heads held high, inspire, and celebrate women who hustles everyday with a smile on their faces.

The savvy businesswomen started 2017 with their inaugural event: The Goal Getter Brunch. Women Who Hustle hosted approximately 40 young women from around the metropolitan area specializing in various industries at the Goal Getter’s Brunch at Cuba Libra; the culturally authentic Cuban culinary establishment in downtown D.C. The industries represented by the attendees were nursing, communications, finance, entrepreneurs, along with college students aspiring in the mentioned feilds. The afternoon began with introductions of everyone in the room, and the debut of the brand’s very own journal. The Goal Getter journal is a mixture of a traditional planner and notebook; complete with a calendar and “brand dump” for your personal thoughts, to-do lists, quarterly goals, etc. It’s made to be customizable to fit your unique needs while matching your wave pattern of productivity.

The event continued with goal sharing throughout the private room in the aesthetically cultural space, where each volunteer shared their hopes for the quarter. Before sharing began, Candice acknowledged how important it is to set goals, but also the importance of setting “reasonable, responsible resolutions” in a time frame that won’t grow to be overwhelming.

The remainder of the afternoon was posed with questions and self assessments of your current stage, and where you could be if you knew the things you know now.

To sign up for future events, check out Women Who Hustle or Chicks with Cheques for more information!




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District Motherhued


Founders Nikki Osei and Simona Noce with Event Photographer Jermoni Dowd of JK Dowd Media

Simona Noce and Nikki Osei, both public relations professionals in their respective industries of film and fashion, were having their weekly chat and chew when they discovered a void for women like themselves; bosses who are also mothers. Not to discredit other organizations that offer a safe haven for the family matriarch, but therewas something that those groups were missing and Osei and Noce were on a mission to fill the gap. It was then that District Motherheud was conceptualized.

The launch event, The Mom Loft, took two months to plan and was held on October 6th. District Motherhued was designed to engage, empower, and equip millennial moms of color, personally and professionally. Future events are set to be held quarterly, targeting various areas of concern and interest for moms, with a heavyemphasis on self-care (because we all know moms put their families before themselves).

The Mom Loft’s mix and mingle hosted women in all stages of motherhood: those with infants, toddlers, teens, adults, and even a few expecting moms. The evening was equipped with face beats, manicures, massages, and a quick head shot available for all of the attendees. Oh, but it didn’t stop there. Staying true to the District Motherhued premise, Industrial Bank was there to assist those interested in financial education, followed by an empowering, witty, authentic, “non-example” conversation with author, poet, and teacher, Brandi Chantalle. Doula, Sam Olivia, offered words ofencouragement and a potential safe place for the mental health of the Mom attendees, in addition to Emily Griffin offering an additional safe haven for mommies and families through her psychotherapy practice, Happy Parents, Happy Babies.


Photo Credit: Jermoni Dowd (Instagram @jkdowdmedia)

The Mom Loft was sponsored by Industrial Bank, and numerous black-owned, woman-owned, mom-owned, businesses including Sole Savers, Mielle Organics, Smarty Pants Water, Nude Barre, PRMP Beauty, Cocktail Row, CEO Mom Magazine, and Just Like Me Box.

“We look forward to working with and introducing relevant, boss mom brands to our newfound DMV mom tribe,” says Osei.


Photo Credit: Jermoni Dowd (Instagram @jkdowdmedia)

Co-founder, Noce, added, “I’m excited about what’s to come with District MotherHued. This is something we’re very passionate about, and we are definitely carving out a legitimate fun and supportive space for us in this city.”

Keep up with District Motherhued on their social media for updates and future events!


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DMV 990’s : DMV Staple Sneaker Gets Personalized Colorway

20160830_205713We welcomed the final week of August with a gathering attended by some of the fashion forward DMV socialites and sneakerheads alike. The event was a celebratory moment of the upcoming DMV exclusive New Balance sneaker designed by local urbanite, June Saunders.

Saunders, Product Designer for DTLR, has been collaborating with the staple brand over the past year to create a shoe that best  represents the area.

In the fashion realm, most major cities have their own shoe swag. California has Vans, Chucks, and the Nike Cortez. New York has the Air Force One and Timberland boot, and the DMV has the Nike boot and the New Balance 99X series. The New Balance 99X series is a staple footwear piece of the tri-area, often spotted on the urban/streetwear side of fashion. This particular design keeps the neutral grey colorway, good for pairing with anything; with highlights of yellow, red, black, and white commemorating the Maryland flag. 

I had a moment to catch up with June during the event and asked him why the Maryland flag colors were used over the other two states, he responded, “the Maryland flag is the most distinctive and recognizable of the three states”. Not only are the colors of the Maryland flag used on the shoe, they can also be spotted on the heel where you would normally find the shoe number.

This sneaker is pretty dope! As a self-proclaimed sneakerhead, I would definitely add these to the collection! Having a shoe designed by a native for a native makes it even more special.


The shoe has debuted at local DTLR locations; be sure to check your nearest storefront for availability! For more information on the creative process, about the shoe, and the man who put on for his city, check out J$ign’s Instagram and show him some love!

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The Wandering EYE

In an industrial eclectic venue, photographer Ibrahim Badru hosted his debut exhibit, The Wandering EYE. His photos captured his moments of wanderlusting in Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, and domestically in South Beach.14435047_1875671825996712_4920835136758538229_o

The swanky intimate evening was tucked away at L2 in Georgetown. The event was pleasant on the eyes from the moment you walked in the door; from the photos, to the live body painting by Ed the Artist, the delicious food options, and the tunes delivered by local celebrity DJ and radio personality, EZ Street. The exhibit was perfectly staged to host small conversations surrounding the work, with perfect lighting for art lovers and creative alike.20160910_210229

The exhibit featured photos taken from a simple, yet passionate eye. The beauty captured was easily transcended from black and white, to vibrant in the moment colors. Some photos made effortless statements, pushing you to appreciate your quality of life; while others made you want to jump on the first thing smoking to see the vivacious color and texture captured through Ibrahim’s lens. The simple details of each photograph cannot be summed up into words that will give them justice. It is something you have to physically see to understand.

Be sure to follow Ibrahim’s work, but more importantly, support the local artist by purchasing his work through his website. The photography options come in prints of all sizes and custom coffee table books that feature photographs that are not available for purchase elsewhere.

Overall, the event captured a combination of creativity and senses: looking, listening, smelling, touching, tasting and dancing. If you’d like to see more from Ibrahim, keep up with him via social media:





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The Network DC: Building Longevity and Cultivating Knowledge with the Black Alumni Networking Expo

Building longevity and cultivating knowledge is the consistent theme and mission of the B.L.A.C.K. Alumni Networking Expo, hosted by The Network DC. The Network DC is ‘a group of young professionals that fancy social networking as a means for professional development and entertainment.’ The organization has branded the expo as one of their premier events. This year, the event was filled with gem dropping workshops, vendors, and speakers that cater to all industries, as well as promote personal growth and branding.

The eventful weekend started with a quaint panel dinner discussion at the National Press Club. The evening began with a warm and stimulating welcome from The Network DC’s CEO, Jarrett Walker. Jarrett addressed the room full of entrepreneurs with words that not only set the tone for the evening using relatable situations, but set the tone for moving forward with social action challenges and gentle reminders that “there is still work to do after this discussion.”

Moderator Britt Wright, former news reporter and a 2016 DMV Top 30 Under 30 honoree, opened the conversation with a basic question for the panelists, “what wakes you up?” Most of the answers between the invited guest were synonymous thoughts of passion, tenacity, and family. Jasmine Crowe, CEO and Founder of Black Celebrity Giving had a simpler answer, her alarm clock. However, it’s not a regular alarm. It’s an alarm that reminds her when she wakes up (and several other times throughout the day) to give thanks. She goes on to say that during the course of her day, she is faced with a lot of rejection due to the nature of her business, asking people and organizations for money. Through it all, the abrupt interruptions keep her grounded in faith that all will work out as it should.

What’s an event without having a guest provide the heavy? The points in conversation where you’ve stopped in your tracks to consider another way of thinking. Author Rob Hill Sr., affectionately known as ‘The Heart Healer’, always delivers the heavy. His contribution to the forum was nothing short of what he gives you on his various outlets. Mr. Wright posed this question to the panel, What are two things you wish you knew five years ago? To which Mr. Hill responded, he wishes he knew how to say that he is not okay and how to be honest about his weaknesses. He continues with the notion of aligning yourself with individuals that you can confide in that will not expose your areas of challenge, but rather challenge them to be strengths. These are people that you have to respect and feel comfortable submitting to as experts in areas that you consider yourself vulnerable.

Earlier this year, The Washingtonian reported that it would cost approximately $83,104 to live comfortably in The District. During the conversation, it’s noted that in the next 5 years Millennials will be the largest spending group in the world. That notion is followed up with the question, how do we get to a point of financial freedom, a comfortable lifestyle, and working towards home ownership? Tonya Rapley, certified financial educator and creator of My Fab Finance, shared tools that will help anyone get to a place of financial stability and freedom. Tonya told the story of her early stages of finance coaching, and the importance of creating a community of change. She noted that most of her clients are bashful and ashamed of their financial situation, and since joining her financial safe haven, those same clients have created a place of understanding among like minds. Tonya also mentioned the importance of understanding your relationship with money in order to move forward, much like other areas of life that could be considered problematic.

I could go on about the immense amount of wisdom the panelist bestowed upon the eager and ambitious hustlers in the room, but would serve no purpose. The Network DC has plenty of events throughout the year that spark conversation, reignite your ambition, and make you refocus on your passion; help elevate yourself by participating in any of their upcoming events.
Be sure to sign up for their mailing list, and follow them on Twitter for updates!

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Wayne and Tony: Young Duo on the Nightlife Scene


The young duo on the nightlife scene, Wayne Johnson and Tony Perry Jr., better known as Wayne and Tony of WT Nightlife Marketing Group, are here for the taking! The dynamic duo became acquainted with each other through mutual friends and having a passion for entertaining and entrepreneurship.

Beginning with campus parties and evolving to the birth of OverAchievers, Wayne surrounded himself with some of the well-seasoned promoters in the city. Simultaneously, Tony embarked on his journey of D.C. nightlife by way of the Avenue hosting 18 and older parties. While moving and shaking, networking and building, the two Prince George’s County natives put themselves in the same conversations as their predecessors, the former ‘Batman and Robin’ of nightlife, Marc Barnes and Taz Wube, affectionately known as Marc and Taz.

Once the twosome aligned themselves with their “claim to fame” party at K Street Lounge on Sundays, it was the beginning of their five year reign. While dominating their age bracket in promotions, the team matured and blossomed to be hosts of one of DC’s consistently thriving nightlife events at Capitale. The moment that solidified the efficiency of their business was just last summer when Wayne and Tony sold out all seven of their parties.

It has not been all bottle popping and twerking. In the earlier part of their career, circa 2009, the second party of their career at Pure was a fail. No one attended. “We definitely [have] learned a lot,” is an understatement, from both Perry and Johnson. In their moments of growth, they have cultivated notable relationships with, Drake and a host of local celebrities.

Throwing parties and having a good time is on their to-do list, but not as high as you might think. Wayne and Tony would like everyone to know that they have “worked hard to get here” and if they stop it will be on their own accord. Being a few of the youngest on the scene, they both agreed that their biggest challenge can be the politics of the industry, however, being amicable and agreeable with the understanding that everyone has their own agenda, keeps them in ‘good graces’.

Having fun comes with the territory in this line of work, but Wayne and Tony’s main precedence for their business is to thrive and operate with efficiency, keeping in mind that the livelihoods of their constituents are at stake.

Put on your freshest threads and bring your woes to stop by and see Wayne and Tony at Capitale and other hot spots around the city, or catch them on their ‘Gram (@wayneandtonydc), Twitter (@wayneandtony), or website (

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