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TheLoveJonesCafe 1.24.17

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Washington Bulleits Holiday Party 2016 with 1893 Pepsi Cola

Written By SunniAndTheCity |

This past Friday, my friend Raven and I hosted our Washington Bulleits Holiday party at Diageo House to support the YMCA! Raven and I both work with brands such as Ciroc, Bulleit and DeLeon. We’re known for throwing our fabulous monthly “Washington Bulleits Girls Nights” but this time in the spirit of the holidays, it was all about the YMCA Capital View. I’ve visited that location a few times this summer and the 150 kids that attend their after-school program became so dear to me. So it was only right that we give back to them in a big way….. TOYSSSSS!!

Huge thanks to our evening sponsor Intrepid Genius, who were so kind to donate gift bags full of their awesome goodies! Thanks Nick!!! Also, Kitchen Cray was so kind to cook A WHOLE LOT OF FOOD for us! Thanks to Chef JR, I got a week worth of leftovers. Cant forget about Justin from the YMCA, thank you for your continuous dedication to the kids.

Bulleit drinks were flowing (with the all new 1893 Pepsi Cola and Mtn Dew Black Label mixers), beautiful people, all in the spirit of the holidays! Love you all for coming!

Let’s continue to take care of our communities! Till next time, xoxo


Photo Credit: Surpass Visuals

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2017 Auto Show Season presents the Washington Auto Show

Check out the latest vehicles and advanced technologies that will be showcased at the 2017 Washington Auto Show, January 27 to February 5 at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center. Kimatni Rawlins of Automotive Rhythms talks to manufacturers regarding the innovative products you must see in our nation’s capital with the latest SUV trends, exotics, crossovers, concept cars and luxury vehicles, as well as the landscape of alternative fuel products and connectivity for 2017 and beyond. Last but not least we will be painting art cars live at Automotive Rhythms 2nd Annual ART-of-Motion exhibit throughout the show. Please join us!

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Black Alumni Ball Best Dressed + Style Recap


DCWKLY Fashion Contributors Kiara Bagley, Derika Crowley, and Janell Henderson

In August the city welcomed The Black Alumni Networking Expo, accompanied by The Annual Black Alumni Ball. The ball stands as a black tie event for professional alumni from various colleges and universities. As always, it’s exciting to see a melanin filled room, complete with Kings and Queens in their best black tie. This year, DCWKLY contributors Derika Crowley (@derikacrowley), Janell Henderson (@theworkingbeauty), and Kiara Bagley (@kilovesvintage) were on the scene to enjoy the experience and scope out this year’s best dressed. Every attendee looked absolutely stunning, but there were some that stood out amongst the rest, this list highlights those standouts! Together we chose The Best Dressed Lady and Gentleman based on originality, willingness to abide by the theme, and lastly, the complete look from head-to-toe. So, without further adieu, here are the contenders and our picks for this year’s best dressed!

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5 Simple Tips to Get You Professionally Noticed During CBC

As a style and image consultant, it’s my responsibility to get recognized for my looks. Long before entering the world of fashion, I was in the world professional America; very suit and and tie, and still managed to get noticed. My look and personal style has landed me in rooms with many people.

So, here are five tips to get noticed at this year’s Congressional Black Caucus. After all, it is all about networking or as I say netWERKing.

  1. Stay away from your basics. Unless the suit has an extra flare like pleating detail, accent colors, or an intricate collar, stay away from black and navy. You’ll be lost at sea, blending in with the other attendees dressed in similar colorways.
  1. Beat your face. I get it, more than likely you aren’t beating your face before work every morning. In D.C I find that women really embrace the natural look which is fine; but on CBC week take that extra 10-15 minutes before work to add an extra something to your natural look. A glowing face will draw people to you, even if your outfit doesn’t.
  1. Take a risk. Mix prints, wear a bold pop of color, throw on a hat; do something you normally wouldn’t do in the office. However, be sure to maintain your professional polish.
  1. Stay away from all things bodycon. Some say all publicity is good publicity, but at CBC (at least during luncheons and networking events) a tight dress can draw the wrong attention and ultimately distract others from your purpose. If a man strikes up a conversation for the wrong reason, it can be deterrent for the person you wanted to connect with for the right reason. Save the freakum dress for the night party.
  1. Above all be confident. Whatever you do, be sure to be yourself. This deserves to be rule number one. Even if you’re wearing a basic black suit or a freakum dress, always exude a level of comfort that most aren’t familiar with, your energy will heighten the interest of others.

If you are struggling with any of these tips or just your general style, hire someone! I’m almost certain your favorite entertainer/tv personality/or politician has a stylist.

To read more or learn more style tips visit The Working Beauty online, or follow @theworkingbeauty on Instagram!

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5 Signs That You Are Codependent in a Relationship

Written By Crystal Lambert

If there is anything I’ve learned during my dating lifetime, it’s how to be independent while maintaining a relationship. It didn’t happen overnight, and it took a lot of work within self. Over the years I started to understand how being independent not only builds your self-confidence, but can also help strengthen the relationship you are already in.

If you are unsure if you are codependent in your relationship, read these 5 signs:

1. You Make Your Plans around Their Plans

You were invited out to this party tonight and you wouldn’t mind going, but first you want to see if your significant other invites you out before you commit to any plans. Or even worse, you actually commit to going and cancel just to hang out with your significant other.

2. You’re Always Waiting for Them to Contact You When They Aren’t Around

You guys were just together an hour ago, and now you are freaking out wondering what he or she may be doing that’s keeping them from responding to your texts as quickly as you’d like them to.

3. You Are Always Doing Things for Their Benefit and Not Yours

You bend over backwards for them around the clock, and later find yourself resenting them for the time wasted.

4. You Allow the Way Your Partner Is Feeling to Dictate How You Feel

Your partner is having a rough day and out of convenience, takes his/her anger out on you. In response, your mood takes a turn for the worst

5. You Have No Hobbies of Your Own

You have a few things you’d like to try, but since you know your significant other wouldn’t be interested in them so you stick to what is comfortable and figure maybe you’ll try them out next year.
If any of these signs sound too familiar, maybe it’s time to re-evaluate the relationship. Figure out what things you could start doing to claim your sanity back and become more independent.  You got this!

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