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Fashion Talk With Cyrene Tankard

You have probably seen Ms. Cyrene Tankard on Bravo reality series Thicker Than Water, which debuts her family’s daily life journey and how they each deal with life’s bumps and moments of joy.

Daughter to Pastor and Wealth Expert, Jewel Tankard, and Gospel Jazz Musician, Recording Artist and Songwriter, Ben Tankard, Cyrene is making a name of her own. Currently studying in the field of Public Relations at Howard, she is building her personal brand, working with the production company that produced her family show, and creating a new TV series.  She’s a busy girl!

Aside from media and television, Cyrene has a likeness to fashion. She rocks styles effortlessly from @iamthelist, Nordstrom, J Brand, Free People, Chanel, TopShop, ALLSAINTS, Jluxlabel, and Christian Louboutin. She has a fearless tactic to her craft and she is confident in her appearance.


Fashion Talk with Cyrene Tankard

Do you feel clothes really change the way a person looks and feel?

C: “No, not really. If you know how to rock it then wear it like you own it.  I can wear Guess and Steve Madden and feel fabulous ”.


Describe your style in two words.

C: Simple and Chic.  I like things that are exclusive.


Do you think DC could become an on the rise fashion city?

C: In a way. There are a lot of eclectic styles here and still yet very liberal background. There are a lot of underground events that many people do not know about here. DC can definitely be an on the rise fashion city.

What are your ideas of fashion stylist and do you think there are too many people calling themselves that title based on them basically knowing how to dress.

C: I do not think there are too many people calling themselves fashion stylists, but it is common now. Fashion takes education and time something which a stylist has to go through.


What inspires you with your style?

C: Everyday is a different day with my style. Basically, it is how I feel that makes my look for the day.



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Vanessa Johnson is “The Plug” for Empowerment in The World of Beauty

To me, first impressions are everything. From the moment I met Ms. Vanessa I knew she was special. Her energizing personality, prodigious intellect, and her gravitating energy for fashion and beauty made an instant connection to my spirit.

A year ago, I was introduced to Vanessa Johnson while attending a birthday party. Like myself, Vanessa has a career and a passion in contrasting fields, a combination that many don’t understand but are interchangeable in many ways. As a High School teacher in Houston, TX  by day, and a MUA by night, she is passionate about the natural beauty of females and using makeup to enchance it,  empowerment of all women, and entrepreneurship for youth worldwide.

Vanessa believes,  “Society constantly pressures girls and women into thinking perfection is the only reality” so she decided to create an outlet for women who need support and inspiration. Ms. Johnson, along with fellow Tuskegee University Alumna Jessica Maner founded The Plug Inc.: a space to interact and stay connected to beauty, profession, and fashion.

With well over 10k view each post, 3K subscribers, and many giveaways, Vanessa exemplify her passion for beauty effortlessly.

As more projects and collaborations bring her to this area it’s only a matter of time that all of  DC will know Vanessa Johnson.

Here’s a message from Vanessa:




Instagram: @nessmonae

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Holiday Glamour: Company Party Attire

‘Tis the season. With the holidays comes the company holiday parties; the perfect opportunity to show off your polished social skills and mingle with the who’s who of upper management. It’s vital for your appearance to align with the appropriate attire; maintaining a neat and professional look, while still having fun and dressing for the occasion.




By following these three simple tips, you’ll be able to pull off an impeccable look, and have one less thing to worry about.

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Business Casual Style: Office Fashion That’s NOT Boring

Whether your career is styling at Nordstrom, salon receptionist, community agent for a local nonprofit, or an agent for the government, most employers abide by a certain protocol for employee attire; usually falling somewhere on the spectrum of business casual. Your first impression is essential in the workplace, yet most people blur the lines of what’s appropriate and what isn’t. The benefits of maintaining a work appropriate image is it allows you access to a promotion, builds a cohesive work atmosphere, and leaves a lasting impression on your employer or client. Yes, certain companies are lenient with business casual, while others may require certain color schemes, but overall business casual is not to be interpreted with the image of street wear with a blazer.

Let’s say you’re a salesperson working in the women’s contemporary department at Saks Fifth Avenue. A customer is browsing the department and simultaneously asks you, “excuse me, do you work here?” In this scenario, the customer wouldn’t questioned your title as associate if you were dressed to reflect the Saks image.

Here at DC WKLY we want our readers to thrive professionally. I’ve put together a grand how-to guide according to personality type. Check it out!

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Top 4 Designer Boots Trending for Fall/Winter 2016

While you’re flipping through fashion magazines or window-shopping at designer department stores and boutiques, it’s easy to spot pieces and have no doubt that it should be in your closet. It’s a known fact that a woman’s outfit isn’t complete without the perfect shoes to tie it all together.


Autumn is a wonderful season to express yourself through fashion. It’s a time when various cities host fashion week, college homecomings, and dinner will be the most important time of day to show off your style at its best. To make things easier for you, we’ve curated a list of the top 4 designer boots to incorporate into your wardrobe this season!  

Laureate Platform Desert Boot by Louis Vuitton

louis-vuitton-laureate-platform-desert-boot-shoes--AA8U1BSC02_PM2_Front view

These boots have been seen on nearly every celebrity with a trendy street style: Teyana Taylor, Cardi B, Marlo Hampton, and Dej Loaf to name a few. Pair these with J Brand skinny fit jeans, a graphic tee, layered with a cardigan.

Green Knit High Boots by Kanye West, Yeezy Season 2


Kanye West outdid himself when he created these tall, versatile boots. Almost every celeb with style has already snatched them up to compliment their look, including Kim Kardashian, Malaysia Pargo, Rasheeda, and Karrueche Tran. Wear these with high-rise cropped shorts, plain tee, and a long-line bomber jacket.

Metallic Leather Over-the-Knee Boots by Balenciaga


What woman wouldn’t love these boots? Little North West was caught red handed playing in Mom’s shoe closet, drowning in these mirrored boots by Balenciaga. Rihanna was also spotted frolicking the streets wearing the popular shoe. Hot right? Wear these with a earth toned midi skirt, graphic tee, and denim jacket.

Serge di Nimes Distressed Boots by Twelve AM

Artist Sevyn Streeter was spotted in Twelve AM’s Serge di Nimes Distressed boots while strutting the streets of New York. All white does not stop after Labor Day ladies! Pair these with an all white ensemble to set them off.

Artist Sevyn Streeter was spotted in Twelve AM’s Serge di Nimes Distressed boots while strutting the streets of New York. All white does not stop after Labor Day ladies! Pair these with an all white ensemble to set them off.

Be sure to hashtag #DCWKLY in photos of your outfits!

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