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Should You Be Friends with Your Co-Workers?

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Should You Be Friends with Your Co-Workers?

Working a 9 to 5 can be tough, especially when struggling to balance work and social life.  Careers in Corporate America seem to give less time to see your closest friends and that opens the door for getting to know your co workers more. The transition can be tough, but conversing with your co workers can make your day fly by, and make adulting not so bad in a work environment. Although it can have its perks, you should be careful in crossing the line of professional and personal relationships.

Getting to know people in a professional atmosphere can be scary at times. When trying to keep your work relationships in check, there are a few things you should  consider before overstepping boundaries at work. For instance, You could be invited out to happy hour after work, just to vibe and get to know each other on a more personal level. After hanging out a few times each week, your co workers try to make it a consistent routine. Now here is where your dilemma starts. Fast forward into another week, Your co worker Renee ask you out for drinks once again, and you’re hesitant to politely decline or accept. You start to wonder what you’re getting yourself into and if you consider her a friend outside of work. One may prefer to keep their work and personal lives separate and aren’t as open to befriending their coworkers. When trying to build these relationships, it’s important to remember to never let efforts to become friends to ruin your professional connections. that needs to remain a top priority. If hanging out doesn’t happen naturally, Don’t force it! Always stay within your comfort level.

Becoming besties with your colleagues in certain settings may not be wise, but you don’t have to avoid office relationships completely either. A major key when forming relationships at work is to remember it’s all networking. Success in any field depends on the relationships we develop. The people you cross paths with when working, become apart of your network. Getting a mentor can also help excel in your career. Becoming close with a boss or manager in a higher department can be a excellent way to receive recommendations towards your future. Seeking mentorship with someone  can be beneficial and a good experience. Focus your relationship on learning professionally. Talk to him or her about your goals for your career and what you plan to build and excel in your field. Ask for advice on the types of jobs you wish to pursue and if you would be interested in a similar position. If you follow these steps and develop this relationship well, and this ultimately help you throughout your career!

There should always be fine line between professionalism and friendship. Always remember to consider boundaries and the proper protocol to follow in the workplace. I hope this was helpful to readers and help guide you on the right path. Well, Until next time!

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