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Cut Seven: A Sports Conditioning Experience Taking Over D.C.

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Cut Seven: A Sports Conditioning Experience Taking Over D.C.

The weather is changing, cherries have blossomed, and Spring is officially here.  That means Summer is close by and it’s time to take fitness resolution you made in the beginning of the year seriously. Well good thing recently opened boutique gym Cut Seven is here!  It’ll put you back on track, destroy those goals and have you beach ready for the summer.  

Cut Seven was created by the dynamic duo Alex and Chris Perrin.  It operates on a 7 day schedule that targets different muscle groups each day of the week (Legs/Arms, Back/Abs, Chest/Heart, Hammys/Glutes, Heart/Abs, Heart).  

The classes are highly energetic and based on achieving fitness through teamwork; this principle is embodied through Chris and Alex instruction.  Participation their hour long class was fun and it beat my ass at the same time.  I  highly recommend it to get your butt in shape and it’ll have you cheering on a fellow fitness buddy. There are various membership packages and specials that are tailored to the individual (

Excerpt of the Interview with Co-Owner/Trainer Chris Perrin

Tosin: Tell me a little bit about Alex and Chris Perrin

Chris:   I met Alex in a gym. Our start was her journey through weight loss and fitness. I was her trainer.

After that, she was like, ‘Why don’t you develop this into a class?’ She helped me to build my business. After that, romance started. We were like, ‘Hey, let’s turn this into a real business.’ After we got married, that’s when we started.

We’ve been on this path to opening up our own space for about 5 years now. It’s been 5 years of research, but she really was the catalyst to me transitioning from personal training, which is something I have done for years.

… I would’ve probably just done the personal training and accounting for the rest of my life because I love doing both. I wouldn’t have thought of creating my own business, a brick-and-mortar space. I think her strengths and my strengths complement each other really well.

Tosin: Describe Cut Seven in 3 words.

Chris: Team, athleticism, and experience. I think that’s the basis behind what we’re trying to achieve here. Create that community. Create that team, so people are showing up and people are having fun.

Tosin: What does the term “Cut Seven” mean?

Chris: The expression ‘cut,’ to get cut, to rip up. The idea is, where each day, we’re going to work on a different body part. 7 days a week, 7 different muscle groups. One day you’ll come in, and we’ll have back day. One day you’ll come in, you’ll have chest day, legs day, ass day, things like that.

We’ll always have that cardio foundation, where we’ll be doing sports conditioning, like you did sprints and stuff today. We’ll always have that and those athletic movements, the single-leg hops, things like that, to keep you on your toes, but we will be concentrating, as far as muscle development, on one body part. We’ll have a primary body part each day, with a secondary that same day. It won’t be just back. It’ll be back and abs or chest and legs, something like that.

Tosin: Very nice, very nice. I heard that you’re going to have, I guess, a front-end bar, right?

Chris: It’s not like a bar where you’re going to have drinks. It’s just going to be a place for people to chill. Think of when you walk into the Apple Store and there’s no checkout. It’s kind of like that atmosphere where we just want people to feel comfortable walking in and just hanging out.

…We know that there are a lot of people who love fitness and love health and are looking for a community and somewhere that they can just be themselves, let their hair down, and hang out.

Tosin: What’s your goal for 2018?

Chris: We want to be the best gym and best fitness studio in DC. If that’s not where we’re aiming at, then what are you going to achieve if you don’t aim for the sky?

We love the concept that we’ve created, and we think that it’s going to catch on. We know that it’s going to catch on because we’ve been doing it. We absolutely can see this in other cities, but our focus right now is 100% DC and bringing this to our community. In the future, for sure.”

Tosin: Thanks for this interview, good conversation.

Chris: Come back anytime.

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