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BLKGOLD by Distinctly Creative


BLKGOLD by Distinctly Creative

How does one define “Black Gold”? Well, there are many ways, but the core of the term stems from the magic and artistry exclusively existing within the Black Culture. It’s an art form that can’t be duplicated, or replicated, unless you have first-hand experienced the trials and tribulations of not just being black, but a black artist. It’s this magic that inspired the creation of the “BLKGOLD” brand – an online marketplace to help harness and encourage those who make this magic come to life through their creations.

BLKGOLD, a counterpart to the Distinctly Creative online community, celebrates black creatives and the black community by providing a centralized place for artists and visionaries to share their work with the world. After noticing somewhat of a lack of pride many black creatives had for their products (due to modest, lack of sales, etc.), founder Morgan Davis wanted to create an online community where individuals can see the fruits of their labor, and feel proud of themselves.

“…as a [black person] you should feel proud of your craft and what you’re doing. I felt that the need to create a genuine platform where people can see the worth of black people was necessary and essential during this time in history…in addition, it’s important to invest in one another and help each other be successful.” – Morgan Davis, Founder of BLKGOLD and Distinctly Creative.

On the BLKGOLD site, consumers can find everything from clothing and jewelry to magazine and artwork curated by black creatives. The clothing section features pieces from DC locals like “Digging Her Roots” and “Fearless Fashions,” who offer custom women’s wear and custom pieces inspired by the prints and culture of Africa. There is also “Taylor Made Designs,” created by Mikki Taylor, who designed unique tunics inspired by music legend Prince.

There are also artists like Leontyne – of Adorned4qweenz and Purple3y3art – and RAMCreates who develop prints and artwork, and newly added books and magazines like “Our Black Book” developed by the  Society of Young Revolutionaries (SOYR) that offers articles on being success and highlights different businesses.

“…the goal is to give [artists, designers, and authors] a chance to sell. BLKGOLD provides a platform beyond just letting people ‘do event’. It lets them directly sell their products; which is great whether you are just now building your brand, or already have a solid following and looking to expand.” – Morgan Davis

As previously mentioned, BLKGOLD was born because of the recognized success of the Distinctly Creative brand. Distinctly Creative focuses on a variety of designers, and outside of the industry that people normally think about with the creative space (provide social and professional development platforms and opportunities for DMV based platforms and aboard. Distinctly Creative is an art collective whose mission is to give a diverse, holistic, and collaborative representation of the DC, Maryland, and Virginia (DMV) creative scene — and beyond, through a wide array of social and professional development opportunities.

Since its launch they’ve hosted various art showcases/happy hours, a summer marketplace, the DMV Black Creatives Directory, the Black Creatives Matter line, the #blackcreativemagic contest, and the month long Black Renaissance series. As the BLKGOLD brand continues to grow, the Distinctly creative brand will soon be opening a co-work space in the spring of 2018, serving as a brick-and-mortar for BLKGOLD vendors, while focusing on providing resources to help growing professionals, by offering consulting services and space for events.

Be sure to start tuned for more information on BLKGOLD’s brick-n-mortar in Brookland, this summer (June – August 2017).


Here is the list of the current vendors (you can also view the full list + profiles here):

  • Adorned4qweenz + Purple3y3art
    • By Leontyne Williams
  • Art by Chevy
    • By Chevelle Taylor
  • Crochet Kingpin
    • By Dwayne Lawson-Brown
  • Diggin Her Roots
    • By Leeand Diggs
  • Fearless Threads
    • By Naima Dozier
  • Gerri L. Beatty Collection
    • By Gerri L. Beatty
  • Good Thoughts Tea Company
    • By Ebone Richardson
  • Jaine Was Here
    • By Jamie Isaac
  • Jamila Madyun Collection
    • By Jamila Madyun
  • Mikki Taylor | Taylor Made Designs
    • By Mikki Taylor
  • November Noir
    • By Christina Spence
  • RAM Creates
    • By Rashad Muhammad
  • RisingChar Studio
    • By Charlene Polite-Corley
  • Society of Young Revolutionaries (SOYR)
  • Styled For You
    • By Katorra Enoch-Longshore
  • The O Factory
    • By Oni Jordan
  • Wires by PQ
    • By Paquilla Jones

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