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3 Quick Tips to Reduce Stress


3 Quick Tips to Reduce Stress

At some point or another we all experience stress. While stress is normal, it becomes a problem when it becomes long term. If chronic stress is not handled, it could lead to bad habits and disease. This is why stress is often referred to as “the silent killer.” At first you may have a few headaches, stomach aches, or hair loss, but if you find yourself becoming depressed or constantly feeling extremely overwhelmed, you need to act and find ways to quickly combat the silent killer.

Here are a few proven ways to reduce stress in your life:

1. Exercise

One of the absolute best ways to handle stress is to exercise. Even though it may feel like you have no time to exercise with your hectic schedule, you have time, and you’ll make time if it’s important to you. The thing many don’t realize is that working out gives sustained energy. The only thing stopping you, is that little voice in your head telling you that you don’t feel like it. Ignore that voice and tell yourself that this is for your own health, you’ll be living a new life almost immediately. There are several different programs and fitness guides out there. Do a little research and figure out which one will work best for you.

2.  Take It One Task At A Time

Having too much on your plate can cause you to spend a lot of time worrying, which can lead to even more stress and negative effects on your body. The best way to handle this is to tell yourself that you can only tackle one task at a time. Assure yourself that you will finish everything you need to. This has worked wonders for me. The key is giving yourself the approval to be human. Nobody can do a million things at once, and telling yourself that you are doing a great job can help motivate you to fully focus on each task as you go!

3. Practice Breathing Techniques

Focused breathing is a quick trick to quickly alleviate stress and ground yourself. Try inhaling for 3 counts, holding your breath for 2 counts, and then exhaling for 4 counts. Repeat until you feel calm. There are also several different breathing techniques on YouTube. Look them up and see which techniques work best for you.

Take action and gain control of your health now. You got this!

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