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Made in DC: 5 Local Food Brands To Support

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Made in DC: 5 Local Food Brands To Support

DC is a constantly growing city of culture, people, and most important, FOOD! As a Foodie, I love this area because I can pretty much walk to any street and take my pick of several types of cuisine.

While chains are great, local restaurants truly capture the essence of the area, so be sure to check out five of my favorite local food brands ASAP!

NuVegan Cafe 
2928 Georgia Ave NW

This spot started during a time when being a vegan or vegetarian wasn’t so big in DC. Although they have gone through a few names, they have stayed true to their vision and constantly put out great meat-free salads, sandwiches, and entrees. They also makes great fresh juices and smoothies. You won’t be disappointed because the portions are a nice size. Come hungry and ready to enjoy some healthy dishes.

314 Carroll Street NW

I remember when this place first opened with the Soupergirl logo. I was drawn to it and the wonderful smells coming out the kitchen. At the time, they didn’t have a actual sit down shop and once that opened, I went in to try my first cup of soup. The kind slips my mind, but it was filled with so much flavor. I love that this is a locally owned shop. Her story of a comedian turned Soupergirl is pretty cool. Check it out!

Timber Pizza Co  
809 Upshur Street NW

I actually went to junior high with one of the owners so I’m very excited to support this brand. DC stand up! Okay, anyway this spot was started because these guys hated their jobs, but  loved lunch. Both co-owners were working at a local tech company and became buddies. They both shared a passion in pizza and basketball and pretty knew they would never be pro-basketball players and from that love the pizza brand was built. Their menu changes seasonally. A fan favorite seems to be the Green Monster which contains pesto, fresh mozzarella, festa cheese, zucchini, and kale. Yum!

Broodjies Bier

This is a Dutch-inspired sandwich and salad company based in DC. The ideas sparked when Sarah Frimpong travelled to Amsterdam for a year to study abroad and had her first bite of a Dutch broodjie. She tried as many as she could to really get the ingredients and taste down. Once she got back to DC after a corporate job, quit, registered her LLC, and started a kickstarter and it far exceeded the amount she asked for. That’s when it all started. They make fresh salads and sandwiches everyday to deliver to various places in her D.C. And VA area.

Turning Natural
2025 Martin Luther King Jr Ave SE
Annette Turner was the founder of Turning Natural. She came up with an idea of living holistically in your everyday life. She, unfortunately, passed away in 2010 due to breast cancer. Her daughter, Jeri Evans, decided not to let the dream fade but rather evolve by continuing her vision. They make all types of smoothies, have natural juices, and make some pretty delicious food. They have a black bean burger that I am personally curious about trying.

I am from Washington, DC. I am currently a wardrobe stylist assisting clients are over the U.S. including DC to look their best. I am a lover of food, fashion and events.

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