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We Go Too: A Travel Resource for Minority Passport Stampers


We Go Too: A Travel Resource for Minority Passport Stampers

Millennials are catching flights abroad more frequently, and of those passport stampers, a host of them are minorities. From the vibrant architecture of Brazil, to the delicate pastries of Paris and to the hot springs of Iceland, millennials are taking the world by storm one layover at a time. However, there is a void in this space that is being discovered; how to be comfortable amongst those that do not know, see, or maybe even like people of color.

 Alishia and Randi, co-founders of We Go Too, understood the lack of resources that are available to minorities that travel abroad and decided to do something about it. Both ladies had the opportunity to travel to different countries before being partnered with each other by way of an academic endeavor, which sparked their concerns for who else may be feeling the way that they have felt.

We Go Too is an urban travel resource, created to share the minority travel experience through tips and tricks submitted by other urban travelers who’ve lived it, seen it and done it. “Pro tips”, dubbed by the group, range from where to find health and beauty needs to the best places to eat and feel comfortable. The organization also provides information about the countries that you may be visiting by way of their own experiences and by hosting “Jetwork” opportunities, where you are able to connect with other minority travelers while doing what you love—traveling! Randi and Alishia are set to coordinate their next Jetwork experience is the second week in March.

We Go Too has set up a partnership with local HBCU, Howard University to host a Passport Drive on April 14th, sponsoring passport application fees for students interested in traveling abroad as they did at their respective higher education institutions.  If nothing else, help a student stand on the shoulders of giants and afford them the opportunity to experience life beyond the States. Follow the proactive duo by signing up for the monthly newsletter on their website. You can also find them on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Tell them, KayBee sent you.

Happy Stamping!

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