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Vanessa Johnson is “The Plug” for Empowerment in The World of Beauty


Vanessa Johnson is “The Plug” for Empowerment in The World of Beauty

To me, first impressions are everything. From the moment I met Ms. Vanessa I knew she was special. Her energizing personality, prodigious intellect, and her gravitating energy for fashion and beauty made an instant connection to my spirit.

A year ago, I was introduced to Vanessa Johnson while attending a birthday party. Like myself, Vanessa has a career and a passion in contrasting fields, a combination that many don’t understand but are interchangeable in many ways. As a High School teacher in Houston, TX  by day, and a MUA by night, she is passionate about the natural beauty of females and using makeup to enchance it,  empowerment of all women, and entrepreneurship for youth worldwide.

Vanessa believes,  “Society constantly pressures girls and women into thinking perfection is the only reality” so she decided to create an outlet for women who need support and inspiration. Ms. Johnson, along with fellow Tuskegee University Alumna Jessica Maner founded The Plug Inc.: a space to interact and stay connected to beauty, profession, and fashion.

With well over 10k view each post, 3K subscribers, and many giveaways, Vanessa exemplify her passion for beauty effortlessly.

As more projects and collaborations bring her to this area it’s only a matter of time that all of  DC will know Vanessa Johnson.

Here’s a message from Vanessa:




Instagram: @nessmonae

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