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5 Gifts Your Boyfriend Will Appreciate for Valentine’s Day

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5 Gifts Your Boyfriend Will Appreciate for Valentine’s Day

So, Valentine’s Day is here and you still haven’t figured out the perfect gift to get your man, but don’t worry– we’ve got you covered. Here is a quick list to help you put together a quick yet meaningful gift!


1. Couples Massage

Generally, women tend to pamper themselves more than men. As a result, it’s usually us who get massages. So why not bring your man along? He’ll appreciate it! There’s nothing like a good hour or two of peace and relaxation. Plus, he’ll get to do it with you by his side.


2. Mini Get-Away

You don’t have to book anything crazy, but check Groupon out to see what cool deals they have going on. Chances are, you’ll be able to find a nice place for the night for under $100. It’s always nice to get out, even if it’s somewhere local.

3. Go Hiking

Bonding with your partner should be fun, and what better way than to get out into nature and get a good workout in while you’re at it. Throw in a nice romantic lunch by packing a light blanket and some good ole home cooking.

 4. Go to an Event

Check the DC Nights App (available in iTunes and Google Play) or your local listings to see what events are going on. You might be able to book tickets to a nice concert. Then you and your bae can get all dressed up and fabulous for the night! (You’ll also be able to get a few nice flicks in for the gram).



5. Traditional Movie and Dinner

Call it old school, but who doesn’t like delicious food topped off with a good movie? Make reservations to a cool new place you two haven’t been to before, (but make sure they offer food that your partner likes). Then check what movies are out and book the tickets in advance. Your man will be shocked to see how great your planning skills are. After all, men aren’t the only ones who can be charming.

One of these suggestions will be sure to please your significant other. It will be a memorable day that you two will never forget! Have fun planning, and Happy Valentine’s Day!


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