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Mumbo Sauce: What Is It and Where to Get it

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Mumbo Sauce: What Is It and Where to Get it

To those that have tried it, Mumbo Sauce is the secret ingredient that will change your taste-buds life forever. Well, for me at least. As a junior high school kid in the city of D.C I had my very first chicken and​ french fries topped with mumbo sauce (and salt and pepper)​ experience. After that, I was hooked for life. That unforgettable experience is something that I can’t quite compare to anything else.

Some say the taste reminds them of barbecue or plum sauce. For me, it’s a combination of flavors creating the unique mumbo sauce. It is said to have started in Chicago and somehow transitioned into Chinese carryouts across the D.C and Maryland area. I suppose I’ll have to give the Chicago version a shot to see if the rumors are true.

Now, I wouldn’t say all of that just to leave you drooling. Here are a few of my personal favorite mumbo sauce hangout spots.

Jerry’s ​2016 Georgia Ave NW

For many, Jerry’s has served as the after party food spot. They are extremely quick and efficient. Back in the day it was an adventure walking inside but with the recent gentrification, it’s empty of extra stragglers outside of those actually placing orders.

Mayflower Chinese Food 4427 Wisconsin Ave NW​

Mayflower has managed to last in a neighborhood that’s perceived as uppity; bougie if you will. Let’s just say this place has been here since I was in junior high school, and I’ve been out of high school for over 10 years, yikes! Mayflower is a definite staple that will not leave you disappointed. Be cautious of the time you decide to drop in, as it’s surrounded by a few schools so there’s the possibility of an after school crowd.

Twin Dragon Carry Out 5504 3rd Street NW

If you’re looking for an out of this world egg roll, Twin Dragon is your spot. I know we aren’t discussing egg rolls here but I had to throw that in there. However, I highly suggest their chicken wings and mumbo sauce!

Let’s all agree to throw out those New Year resolutions just this once! I would love to hear which, if any, of these place you tried and loved, or any suggestions that aren’t listed here. Be sure to tag @DCWKLY

(#DCWKLY) in your mumbo sauce posts!

I am from Washington, DC. I am currently a wardrobe stylist assisting clients are over the U.S. including DC to look their best. I am a lover of food, fashion and events.

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