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Forever Duncan: Why It Should be a “One For” and not a “One Up”

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Forever Duncan: Why It Should be a “One For” and not a “One Up”

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As many witnessed through the various forms of social media, a young man by the name of Alfred Duncan decided one rainy Saturday, October 1st to declare and demonstrate his love for a young woman named Sherrell Woodward. This demonstration of love would occur by way of a surprise proposal with all their family and friends to see, but he didn’t stop there. What he planned next was a surprise wedding on that same day with all the bells and whistles, family, friends, and fanfare. From beginning to end, this profession of unconditional love was cinematic; something out of your favorite romantic movie or a verse from your favorite love song. This amorous act stood as proof that black love, or love for that matter, still existed and one we could forever appreciate.


The very next day, the comments, statuses, and memes came. Some comments praised the moment and wished the beautiful couple well. Other comments contained a pinch of salt and complained of how acts like this now held men to an unfair standard when it came to displaying their affection. Women were talking about how they didn’t want a man that was do anything short of a “Forever Duncan”. Guys were blasting ladies for wanting a “Forever Duncan” man when she couldn’t even appreciate the man she had. Something that was supposed to be cherished started to get picked apart and interpreted in a million different ways. The newlyweds even felt the need to interrupt their honeymoon to address the madness that was popping up on social media. Even I started to feel a bit self-conscious about how my wedding was compared to theirs and my wedding was the bomb (ask Angie Dapper). I started thinking about how I could top the Duncans when my wife and I renewed our vows. My madness was only for a brief moment as I quickly realized how foolish my thoughts were. The drama surrounding one man’s act was unnecessary but it was the act of THAT man. To loosely quote Mrs. Duncan, her husband did what he felt was the best way to show her how much he loved and wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. And yeah he straight up killed it and did his thing but so what?!! That doesn’t diminish my or any other man’s ability to do that for our significant others. Love is not a cookie cutter type of thing. It requires creativity, sincerity and, yes, a healthy competitive spirit to not become stagnant or lazy in your love language.

No one, especially a man, should see this as someone showing you up and no shade needs to be thrown in that brother, or couple’s, direction. Instead celebrate this showcase of black love and salute an idea that came to fruition, shined a positive light on our city, and declared, even in the midst of the negativity love always wins. So instead of seeing it as a show up, see it as motivation and STEP UP.

I'm so proud of my husband for EXECUTING his vision so effortlessly. To me it seemed effortless because he had EVERYTHING I would have dreamed of and more for me and I didn't have to worry about a thing. I keep looking at him as if I'm dreaming. I'm sooooo happy that he now knows that there are NO LIMITS to what he can do! His mental limitations of his potential is slowly but surely becoming nonexistent. I pray for his confidence of pursuing his dreams to become bigger everyday. I pray for him to be fearless and BOLD. This wedding showed how HARD God goes when you pray and fight! I'm so excited for my husband's evolution!!! LISTEN #GodIsSoBawse #WatchHowGodUseUS #ForeverDuncan #HappySundayFunday ?@keongreen

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