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Body Like Teyana

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Body Like Teyana

Camera’s rolling, lights on, cue music; you begin to hear Kanye West Fade playing through the speakers; suddenly, we’re graced with the magnificent body of Ms. Teyana Taylor.

Although T has been known for her curvaceous body since the beginning, it has now been taken up a notch or ten. Possibly because just 9 months ago, she gave birth to her first born daughter, Baby Iman Shumpert, and not an ounce of evidence is present on her washboard stomach.

The aftermath of her phenomenal performance in Fade, resulted in a rise in gym memberships for both men and women.

The question on everyone’s mind is, how do I get a body like Teyana?! Well, according to Teyana, she has great genetics seeing that she eats whatever she wants. “I was 6 years old with a six pack”, says Teyana. She’s also a fan of the elliptical, since it provides continuous resistance to shape her legs and glutes. She also does a lot of leg lifts to shape her abs. Squats are key to shaping her legs, thighs, and abs since it’s a compound exercise. Teyana also believes in alternative forms of exercise apart from the typical working out with a trainer. She dances a great deal as a form of expression and complete body conditioning. Her most important advice is to not starve yourself, and listen to your body during your workouts.

Teyana Taylor’s stats

Height – 5 ft 4 ¼ in

Weight – 115 pounds

Measurements – 38-22-37 in

Bra Size – 34D

Body – like a goddess

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