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5 Simple Tips to Get You Professionally Noticed During CBC

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5 Simple Tips to Get You Professionally Noticed During CBC

As a style and image consultant, it’s my responsibility to get recognized for my looks. Long before entering the world of fashion, I was in the world professional America; very suit and and tie, and still managed to get noticed. My look and personal style has landed me in rooms with many people.

So, here are five tips to get noticed at this year’s Congressional Black Caucus. After all, it is all about networking or as I say netWERKing.

  1. Stay away from your basics. Unless the suit has an extra flare like pleating detail, accent colors, or an intricate collar, stay away from black and navy. You’ll be lost at sea, blending in with the other attendees dressed in similar colorways.
  1. Beat your face. I get it, more than likely you aren’t beating your face before work every morning. In D.C I find that women really embrace the natural look which is fine; but on CBC week take that extra 10-15 minutes before work to add an extra something to your natural look. A glowing face will draw people to you, even if your outfit doesn’t.
  1. Take a risk. Mix prints, wear a bold pop of color, throw on a hat; do something you normally wouldn’t do in the office. However, be sure to maintain your professional polish.
  1. Stay away from all things bodycon. Some say all publicity is good publicity, but at CBC (at least during luncheons and networking events) a tight dress can draw the wrong attention and ultimately distract others from your purpose. If a man strikes up a conversation for the wrong reason, it can be deterrent for the person you wanted to connect with for the right reason. Save the freakum dress for the night party.
  1. Above all be confident. Whatever you do, be sure to be yourself. This deserves to be rule number one. Even if you’re wearing a basic black suit or a freakum dress, always exude a level of comfort that most aren’t familiar with, your energy will heighten the interest of others.

If you are struggling with any of these tips or just your general style, hire someone! I’m almost certain your favorite entertainer/tv personality/or politician has a stylist.

To read more or learn more style tips visit The Working Beauty online, or follow @theworkingbeauty on Instagram!

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