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Taste of Prince George’s Wine and Food Festival

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Taste of Prince George’s Wine and Food Festival

One of the most highly anticipated festivals in the DMV showed itself on one of the hottest days of this summer. On Saturday, August 13, 2016 ‘Taste of Prince George’s Food & Wine Festival’ came back for another year at Six Flags. The record setting temperatures did not deter festival goers from enjoying a day of music and food. With the stage and vendors set up right next to the water park, it felt like a huge pool party!


The real MVPs of the day goes to the food vendors and chefs who endured the heat to prepare fresh dishes. Many local restaurants and chefs use this festival as an opportunity to increase their brand visibility as well as create new customers. You2016-08-13-22-53-40-420 could find pretty much anything you desired to eat, from fresh sushi to BBQ to fine dining. Let me highlight a couple of my favorites of the day.

To beat the heat, my favorite treat was the peach iced tea, sweet and cold, it was the perfect pair to all dishes. Freshly brewed by Cake Wich Craft, this tea was certainly not all they had to offer. If you looked around the festival, the common theme seemed to be everyone walking around with a parfait-like desserts. Once I was able to pin down where these decadent desserts were located, it was easy to see why they were so widespread. Ice cream cupcakes, need I say more? Well, I will- there were seven different cupcake flavors and three ice cream flavors, limitless possibilities. 

Chef Ryan Wallen from Cori’s Modern Kitchen + Bar was impressive with fresh crab cakes and lamb shanks. When you consider festivals, these dishes aren’t what you would typically expect to dig into, but it served as a delicious change to the run of the mill festival fare options. Chef Wallen’s attention to detail from how he managed the small cooking space to plating the dishes really paid off, with the food being fresh and delightful.

My final favorite came from Chadele’s Café & Catering, their booth had great energy and great service. I chowed down on some crab fried rice and regrettably looked at my empty bowl, wishing I had more. They also cooked up two types of chicken wings; root beer and lemon pepper, sounds a bit odd perhaps, but it worked!

Food vendors weren’t the only ones showing off their culinary skills, across the park were food and drink demos given by celebrity chefs like Chef Jumoke Jackson and Chef Padua Player. If you are a fan of any type of competition cooking shows like I am, you had the opportunity to flex your judging talents at the Collegiate Culinary Competition as well as the Sawce Lab Competition.

We all love food, (right?) and Taste of Prince George’s Food & Wine Festival did a great job of allowing food and wine lovers a closer look at the culinary arts. See you next year!

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