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The Museum DC

Written By Derika Crowley

The root of the word museum is “muse” – a term that refers to a source of inspiration for an artist. The Museum DC (located at 2014 Rhode Island Ave, NE, Washington, DC 20018) serves as a muse for the city of Washington, DC. A source of inspiration for The District, and entertainment for the creatives, artists, and unique individuals who walk through its doors.


The Museum creates an environment of inspiration from the cherry-wood stained floors, the street art and graffiti strategically illustrated across the walls of the store, and various dimensions and textures featured in each aspect from the furniture to the overall aesthetic of the gallery.

“There’s nothing like the gallery we have. It’s a place for creatives and free thinkers. Not only is it inspirational just being here and seeing [what we have available], but also being able to see native Washingtonians that were born and raised below the poverty line actually have brick and mortar store and being able to gain success from it, is inspiration in itself.”Le’Greg Harrison, Owner of The Museum


Le’Greg ‘G’ Harrison is no stranger to breaking the mold of social expectations. It’s only right that the new ‘one stop shop’ for fashion and art possess a similar vibe. Prior to founding The Museum, LeGreg worked aimlessly to build a notable reputation for himself in the entertainment and fashion industry. Mostly known for his work with DC-native and hip hop sensation Wale, in addition to the hit series “The Game” and various other ventures.

From his work with celebrities and industry contacts, Harrison was able to bring in entrepreneur Karen Civil, to host an exclusive book signing for her book Be You and Live Civil: Unlocking Your Potential & Living Your Purpose at The Museum within the first few weeks of the store’s grand opening.


“[Karen Civil’s] presence was very important here because she hasn’t done a book signing in DC or Maryland. So for [The Museum] to be the first stop and we hadn’t even been open for two weeks was great. She is the epitome of revolting. The store represents her strength and personality as well so her presence was vital in the beginning”.

Simply put, The Museum is for the established and aspiring art enthusiasts and fashion gurus. Those who have an open mind and a genuine interest in the many elements associated with fashion and art alike, will appreciate the story, products, and mission associated with DC’s newest staple.

“If you’re feeling uninspired or want to reconnect with creativity while purchasing premium goods, The Museum DC is the place for you.”

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